RV Insurance

California RV Insurance

Too often, we hear about people who didn’t take the time to get the best  recreational vehicle insurance, and found out too late that their RV Insurance coverage wasn’t adequate to cover a substantial loss.  Accidents, vandalism and theft are just as likely to affect your motor home as a car or home so it’s very important to make sure you have the best protection possible.

Recreational Vehicle Insurance can protect you if you incur medical expenses in your own or someone else’s vehicle and provide liability coverage in the case of damaged property or injured bystanders. You invest a lot in your RV, invest a little bit more for peace of mind.

RV Insurance

All types of Recreational Vehicle Insurance:

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. offers a full line of RV insurance options for you. Be sure that you are properly covered before you hit the open road!

  • Motorhomes
  • Travel Trailers
  • Fifth-wheels
  • Toy Haulers
  • Folding Camper Trailers
  • Truck-Mounted or Bumper Pulled
  • Utility Trailers
  • Horse Trailers
  • Bus Conversions
  • Toterhomes

    Safety Counts with Your RV

    Hitting the open road in an RV is a time-honored American tradition. Don’t let your adventure be derailed by an easily avoidable mishap. An overloaded vehicle is susceptible to tire failure and rollovers— two things sure to ruin any trip.

    RVing can be a fun way to see the world and spend time with your family. But because it’s bigger and heavier than an average car or truck, there are additional hazards that come with owning and operating an RV.

    RV Safety First

    There are several weight ratings you should be aware of when loading up your RV:

    • Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW): Total weight of the RV and all the contents inside.
    • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): Maximum weight the RV can safely handle, including passengers and cargo. Do not exceed this number.
    • Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR): Maximum weight that can be placed on each axle.

    Safety Behind the Wheel

    In the event that you get into an accident while driving your RV:

    • Pull off to the side of the road and call the State Patrol or local police department.
    • If possible, move the RV to the side of the road.
    • If the accident involves two or more vehicles, make sure the other drivers are okay.

    Do You Rent Your RV Out?

    All RV insurance is not created equal. We have options for those who rent out their RVs. Owners of RVs who occasionally rent out their vehicles now have an option for their RV insurance. Eligibility has changed, give us a call at 209-634-2929 to get more information!

    Protect What Matters Most With Our Personal Insurance Policies

    The GDI team has developed an “insurance cost reduction” quoting plan, that provides you with the best coverage at the best rate! Contact us at 1-209-634-2929 learn more about all of our personal risk management solutions for your home, auto and life.

    GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Your Trusted Insurance Brokers

    Let GDI Insurance Agency’s experienced rv insurance specialist explain the different Liability Limits, Comprehensive, Personal Injury Protection, Collision, Medical coverages, and deductibles that are available for you to choose from. We offer affordable rv insurance policies from a leader in the insurance industry.

    When it comes to your insurance needs, we’ve got you covered!

    If You Think This Sounds Too Good To Be True, Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say about their Insurance:

    Always Receive Great Service!

    “ Always receive great service from this insurance company. Every year they reach out to go over the policy to ensure we are getting the best deal available that suits our needs.

    -Louis Barroso

    Our family's insurance

    “GDI insurance has been our family’s insurance agent for 15 plus years. They have always taken special care and made sure we had the best coverage for the lowest price.”

    – Ruby Oliveria

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    GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

    Give our Turlock RV Insurance experts a call today 1-209-634-2929 or fill out the quick and easy Protection Savings Form on this page to request a comprehensive quote on your Turlock RV Insurance.  At the GDI Insurance Agency, Inc., our goal is to make sure you have the best protection available at the lowest price possible!

    When it comes to your insurance needs, we’ve got you covered!