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GDI Insurance Agency
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GDI Insurance Agency
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Congratulations to our President on his ARM Certification!

Our President, Matt Davis, just obtained his Associate in Risk Management (“ARM”) designation. Looks like he now thinks he’s some kind of a “big deal”.

It’s Time for a Workers’ Compensation Program Upgrade

Successful companies aren’t just companies that make a lot of money.

Successful companies are those with a glowing outside and a healthy inside.

They are businesses that take care of their employees just as much as their customers.

Recently, there’s been a big push for cheap or cut-rate workers’ compensation insurance. And, when considered as part of your safety program, workers’ comp is an investment in your business’ most important asset – your employees.

Keep Your Company Safe from Liability & Theft

What kind of operations should you have in place to ensure you get lower rates? It’s true that ensuring your employee’s health and safety will lower your rates overtime, but having certain internal operations in place will have the same effect. But what kind of...

Become Apart of the GDI Team

What does it take to become a team member at GDI? It takes someone who’s: Selfless and goes the extra mile for their clients in order to provide the best service as we possibly can Passionate about their clients and strives to let them know that they’re out first...

What happens if someone uses your intellectual properties online? 🤔

With the internet being so vast and anonymous, it’s not uncommon to see anyone try and use your words or your trademarked logos for themselves online. This could be anything from your corporate website, your blog, or even your trademarked logo. You may find one day...

How much does heat illness affect your employees?

The truth is, heat illness is a completely preventable illness as long as you know how to take care of yourself in the heat. Despite this, the CDC reports that 658 people every year succumb to heat illness.  We know that following every single rule and regulation...

Safety and Compliance Training 101

✅ True or false? 🚫 Safety and compliance training has a very small effect on how your employees do their job. That statement couldn’t be more false! In reality, everyone in the workforce takes rules and regulations more seriously in their jobs when they are exposed to...

Did you know that if your business has no choice but to pay the expenses that insurance companies won’t cover?

Did you know that if your business has no choice but to pay the expenses that insurance companies won’t cover? April Fools! We were only joking. You absolutely have access to an amazing type of insurance policy that will give your business the same type of umbrella...

Communication is Key When Disaster Strikes Your Business

Who should you communicate with when a disaster strikes your business? One of the biggest factors you need to consider after a disaster strikes your business is communicating the disaster to the people necessary. Your staff and customers are the top priority in terms...

Could your company benefit from having excess liability insurance?

How much could your company benefit from having excess liability insurance? Often called umbrella insurance, excess liability insurance is one of the most important types of insurance your company can buy. Think about why you carry an umbrella. You do so to protect...

Your team is the backbone of your company.

Your team is the backbone of your company. No matter how much you train your team to stay safe, an accident is bound to happen. That’s why you probably have a workers compensations policy in the first place. You want to make sure that your team can stay happy and...

Protect Your Farm From Unexpected Disasters

We’ve all had those days at work that we take home with us. For some of us, that means taking home some rude customers or a long, hard day. But for others that could mean a long lasting injury that leaves them scarred or leave them with a lasting medical condition....

Double Extortion Ransomware Attacks

Double Extortion Ransomware Attacks In recent years, ransomware attacks have steadily been on the rise. These incidents—which entail cybercriminals compromising a device or server and demanding a large payment be made before restoring the technology (as well as any...

Direct and Indirect Workers’ Compensation Costs Explained

Direct and Indirect Workers’ Compensation Costs Explained Workers’ compensation claims have a variety of different costs associated with them. Some of these costs are expected costs, while others are unexpected. Direct and indirect workers' compensation costs...

The Ins and Outs of Convenience Store Insurance

The Ins and Outs of Convenience Store Insurance A steady flow of customers is great for business, but it also increases your risk of an accident. Convenience stores – and those with attached gas stations – have a particular list of risks that set you apart from...