What does it take to become a team member at GDI?

It takes someone who’s:

👉 Selfless and goes the extra mile for their clients in order to provide the best service as we possibly can

👉 Passionate about their clients and strives to let them know that they’re out first priority through our service and dedication

👉 Holds a great amount of respect for their fellow team members, our clients, and our partners through their words and actions

If these qualities speak to your character, then you may be the right person for one of our Agent/Broker Consultant and Account Management and Service positions.

We’re looking to incorporate team members who are eager to serve, aren’t afraid to ask questions, and follow through on their getting our clients and staff the information they need when they need it.

While experience is always important for positions like these, what we’re really looking for is the integrity and character that our new team members carry with them. So if you’re interested in applying, then click the link in the comments to see our application and contact us.

Don’t be shy! We’re eager to see what you’ll bring to the table.