The Advantages of GDI Insurance as your Brokerage

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.While we can share with you many great and wonderful examples of all the types of work we do.  Sometimes in just a few words spoken by a third party can say even more about the broker advantage of GDI Insurance. Below is a letter of recommendation from an executive at Clark Construction one of our countries most respected and largest construction companies.

In this letter they detail a bit about our risk mitigation services as well as the resulting savings.

I guess if I had to sum up the advantage of working with GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. in just a few words, those words would be that GDI Insurance Agency focuses on reducing the risk for our clients.

Our purpose is to help secure your families wealth.  It doesn’t matter if you own a business, dairy, farm, or work at one.  Our focus is on your family and helping everyone stay safe!

Another example of our commitment to yours and your employees safety is our GDI Insurance CA Workers Compensation Program !  Please take a moment to review the pages of information we have about how to keep your employees safe.

If it is important to your family, your business, or your Agribusiness large or small it is important to you.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has a reputation national as the company to call when the word “accident” is not an option.  I always explain that accidents happen as a result of an unidentified and un-managed risk.  Other than an earth quake or like event there is no such thing as an acceptable accident.  

We have also found and proven that as GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. takes these actions to lower the risk that you will have a claim your insurance premiums drop in proportion to your reduction in risk.  

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