• Why GDI Insurance Agency, Inc ?

    GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. was founded by Grant Davis and incorporated in 2000. Grant Davis and his team have extensive experience working with both Construction and Specialty Risk Clients. We’re starting with a video to explain “Why GDI”.

In the early 2000’s, Grant Davis realized that there was a material disparity between the needs of Specialty Risk Clients and the services being provided to meet those needs by competing brokers. In response, the GDI Insurance Agency Client Philosophy was created and has been expanded and continues to expand to include every more broadened services to its clients.

The following list is a brief/high level summary of services GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. provides its Specialty Risk Clients.

Human Resource (Products & Services)

Web-based HR Management Platform

  • Online Services: Document Management, Time Tracking, Benefit Elections, etc.
  • Document Services: Fully Customizable Document Templates (i.e. Employee Manuals, Guidance & Counseling forms, Government Required Postings, etc.)

Employee Benefits & Wellness Plans

  • Employee Education: Educating employees on how to properly and efficiently utilize their health insurance and other related services ensures that when benefits are provided, they are provided at an appropriate amount in order to keep Health Insurance and other Employee Benefit costs down.
  • Wellness Plans: By teaching and supporting the health and improving the overall wellness of a client’s employees, missed workdays due to illness and stress are reduced which can lead to both lower employee benefit costs and increased productivity.

Safety & Compliance Programming (OSHA. EPA, etc.)

  • Government Required Programming: OSHA, EPA, and various other governmental entities require varying amounts of programming, documentation and training to be both implemented and records maintained by the employer. As a GDI client, a full suite of fully customizable programs/policies, training materials and documentation logs (i.e. OSHA 300 logs, etc.) are is provided.
  • Routine Safety Training(s): Beyond minimum safety training requirements, GDI clients also have access to an electronic library fully equipped with training materials (including slides hows, handouts and payroll stutters) for virtually any and every safety topic.

Liability (Risk Transfers & Workers Compensation)

  • Contractual Risk Transfers: Fair and Enforceable Contractual Risk Transfers allow for liability to flow through to the responsible party at the onset of an issue, thus reducing both (1) the need for the client to countersue against a contractor, supplier, etc. to be made whole, and {2) to protect the client’s loss experience to maintain lower premiums.
  • Adequate Liability Protection(s): Regardless the efficacy of a Contract Risk Transfer program, it seldom removes the need to for a client to ascertain its own primary insurance coverage.

Property Protection & Security

  • 5 Steps to Risk Management: Various types of property are exposed to differing causes of loss. GDI utilizes a 5-step approach when assisting its clients to manage their risk.
    1. Risk Identification
    2. Risk Avoidance
    3. Risk Transfer
    4. Risk Mitigation
    5. Risk Financing

Disaster Recovery (Modeling & Planning)

  • Disaster Recovery Response Plans: Disaster Recovery Response Action plans are devised for immediate execution should a disaster or other catastrophic event impact the client’s business. An efficient disaster recovery model allows for GDl Insurance Agency Inc.’s client to minimize and/or eliminate downtime, retain customers/revenues and provide coverage for funds needed to satisfy “Extra Expenses” incurred to continue the client’s operations and maintain its livelihood.
  • What-If Testing: Both complex and simple “What-If” tests are run against the Disaster Recovery Response Plan{s) in order to allow each interested party to ensure that their interest is protected should the worst-case scenario situation occur.

Insurance – Risk Financing & Transfer

The GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Advantage: Each and every service GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. offers its client serves a dual purpose.

  • Each service increases the ability of GDI’s clients to reduce both the frequency and severity of potential claims.
  • Reducing potential underwriting losses which in turns increases insurance carrier willingness to offer reduced insurance premiums.

Example: If employees are both happy and healthy, they tend to miss fewer days due to illness which both decreases health insurance utilization {which directly drives its cost) and increases productivity for the employer/client.

Lower Insurance Rates

If You Think This Sounds Too Good To Be True, Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say about their Insurance:

"Saved us another 31% on our auto fleet...

 I’ve been with GDI for over 25 years now. Every year they try to lower the cost of our insurance. This year they did it again!”

Brad Falke, Saunders Heating and Air


"Saved $24,000 a Year! That's 67%!

 GDI worked diligently to reduce the cost of our commercial auto fleet from $36,000 a year to just under $12,000.”

Larry Anderson, Spencer’s Driving School

You’ll Have The Support Of Our Experts On A Continuing Basis

We don’t just make a sale and leave you hanging, here are just a few of the added value items we provide:

  • We review your contracts
  • Review your certificates of insurance
  • Additional insured endorsements
  • Put on classes for your staff on these topics
  • Full OSHA compliant safety programs

At GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. we provide this comprehensive protection plan whether you are a sole proprietor performing general remodeling, a specialty trade or artisan contractor, or the largest general construction firm in the industry…

Our Insurance Tools Will Put You in the Driver’s Seat!

Our agency can help you build solid loss control and safety programs to help you stay on top of your biggest risk management and compliance challenges, such as:


Workplace Safety Programs

Our transportation industry safety manual and employee safety resources can provide your place of business with useful injury prevention information.


Compliance and Recordkeeping

You are responsible for complying with regulations from OSHA, DOT and more. Let us show you how to do so correctly.


Managing Risks

We have the risk management expertise to help you plan and control resources and activities in order to cost-effectively fulfill your objectives.


Building a Safety Culture

Our employee safety materials help you promote a safety-minded workplace. We have flyers, posters, payroll stuffers.


DOT/FMCSA Compliance

We have reference materials, forms and checklists that will help you remain in compliance with DOT/FMCSA regulations.

OSHA Compliance Program

Does your broker provide you with timely updates on new and revised OSHA regulations?

OSHA constantly updates its standards and requirements, and even a single update can drastically impact your regular operations. We can provide you with attorney-reviewed documents that outline your obligations, making it easy for you to focus on your business instead of complicated OSHA rules.

Are you prepared for an Unannounced OSHA inspection?

If an OSHA inspection finds violations at your business, you could face fines and watch your reputation plummet. We can offer you business specific compliance resources and inspection guides to help you address potential issues before they occur.

Does your  business comply with OSHA’s hazard communication standards?

Employees often have to work with or around hazardous substances, and even one incident can lead to serious injuries and costly fines. Our clients have access to business specific toolbox talks and articles, as well as workplace posters and hazard communication programs that can ensure your business is compliant with OSHA standards.

Learn About the GDI Client Philosophy!

Safety and Compliance

  • Employee Manual
  • Base Safety Programs
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Training

Insurance & Risk Management

  • Basic Policies - Liability
  • Basic Policies - Employee Benefits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Contractual Transfers

Maximization of Efficiencies

  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Legal Guidance & Council
  • Safety & Training
  • Specialized EPA Inspections & Certifications
  • Inspection Assistance
  • Insurance Visit Support

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Your Trusted Insurance Experts

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

At GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. we will do the work for you to ensure you have the best protection plan for your California business.  Not only that, but as you can see, we will go the extra mile to make sure your business is protected from the inside-out. 

Located in Turlock, CA we have offices throughout California’s Central Valley, Northern California and beyond.

To put the GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. experts to work for you, simply fill click our quote button above or call our office today at 1-888-991-2929 to learn more about GDI’s Exclusive California  Insurance Programs!