Why GDI Insurance Agency, Inc ?

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. was founded by Grant Davis and incorporated in 2000. Grant Davis and his team have extensive experience working with both Construction and Specialty Risk Clients. We’re starting with a video to explain “Why GDI”.

In the early 2000’s, Grant Davis realized that there was a material disparity between the needs of Specialty Risk Clients and the services being provided to meet those needs by competing brokers. In response, the GDI Insurance Agency Client Philosophy was created and has been expanded and continues to expand to include every more broadened services to its clients.

The following list is a brief/high level summary of services GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. provides its Specialty Risk Clients.

Human Resource (Products & Services)

Web-based HR Management Platform

  • Online Services: Document Management, Time Tracking, Benefit Elections, etc.
  • Document Services: Fully Customizable Document Templates (i.e. Employee Manuals, Guidance & Counseling forms, Government Required Postings, etc.)

Employee Benefits & Wellness Plans

  • Employee Education: Educating employees on how to properly and efficiently utilize their health insurance and other related services ensures that when benefits are provided, they are provided at an appropriate amount in order to keep Health Insurance and other Employee Benefit costs down.
  • Wellness Plans: By teaching and supporting the health and improving the overall wellness of a client’s employees, missed workdays due to illness and stress are reduced which can lead to both lower employee benefit costs and increased productivity.

Safety & Compliance Programming (OSHA. EPA, etc.)

  • Government Required Programming: OSHA, EPA, and various other governmental entities require varying amounts of programming, documentation and training to be both implemented and records maintained by the employer. As a GDI client, a full suite of fully customizable programs/policies, training materials and documentation logs (i.e. OSHA 300 logs, etc.) are is provided.
  • Routine Safety Training(s): Beyond minimum safety training requirements, GDI clients also have access to an electronic library fully equipped with training materials (including slides hows, handouts and payroll stutters) for virtually any and every safety topic.

Liability (Risk Transfers & Workers Compensation)

  • Contractual Risk Transfers: Fair and Enforceable Contractual Risk Transfers allow for liability to flow through to the responsible party at the onset of an issue, thus reducing both (1) the need for the client to countersue against a contractor, supplier, etc. to be made whole, and {2) to protect the client’s loss experience to maintain lower premiums.
  • Adequate Liability Protection(s): Regardless the efficacy of a Contract Risk Transfer program, it seldom removes the need to for a client to ascertain its own primary insurance coverage.

Property Protection & Security

  • 5 Steps to Risk Management: Various types of property are exposed to differing causes of loss. GDI utilizes a 5-step approach when assisting its clients to manage their risk.
    1. Risk Identification
    2. Risk Avoidance
    3. Risk Transfer
    4. Risk Mitigation
    5. Risk Financing

Disaster Recovery (Modeling & Planning)

  • Disaster Recovery Response Plans: Disaster Recovery Response Action plans are devised for immediate execution should a disaster or other catastrophic event impact the client’s business. An efficient disaster recovery model allows for GDl Insurance Agency Inc.’s client to minimize and/or eliminate downtime, retain customers/revenues and provide coverage for funds needed to satisfy “Extra Expenses” incurred to continue the client’s operations and maintain its livelihood.
  • What-If Testing: Both complex and simple “What-If” tests are run against the Disaster Recovery Response Plan{s) in order to allow each interested party to ensure that their interest is protected should the worst-case scenario situation occur.

Insurance – Risk Financing & Transfer

The GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Advantage: Each and every service GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. offers its client serves a dual purpose.

  • Each service increases the ability of GDI’s clients to reduce both the frequency and severity of potential claims.
  • Reducing potential underwriting losses which in turns increases insurance carrier willingness to offer reduced insurance premiums.

Example: If employees are both happy and healthy, they tend to miss fewer days due to illness which both decreases health insurance utilization {which directly drives its cost) and increases productivity for the employer/client.

Lower Insurance Rates

California’s Leader in Insurance and Risk Management

As one of the fastest growing agencies in California, GDI Insurance Agency, Inc is able to provide its clients with the latest and greatest of what the insurance industry has to offer and much, much more. With locations across the heart of California’s Central Valley and beyond to provide a local feel to the solutions and services we provide our clients. We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations in every interaction to make sure that our client’s know how much we value and appreciate their business.

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