The GDI Insurance Agency Client Philosophy

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has extensive background rooted in Specialty Risk Management and Financing Programs for clients working in virtually every industry.  Nearly 20 years ago, GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. uncovered a disparity between the needs of clients and the services being provided to meet those needs in the marketplace.  In response, the GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Client Philosophy was created and continues to evolve to include an ever-expanding list of services to meet specific client needs.

The following is a brief outline of just some of the services utilized by our clients:

Safety & Compliance

  1. Employee Manual
  2. Base Safety Programs (IIPP, Lockout/Tagout, Hearing, Driver/Fleet, Bloodborne Pathogens, Personal Protective Equipment – including those for Hazardous Materials, Confined Space, etc.)
  3. Human Resources (Includes programs, policies, and support of council)
  4. Employee Training (Regular, Meaningful, and Documented)

Insurance & Risk Management

  1. Basic Policies- Liability (General Liability, Workers Compensation, Automobile Liability, Employee Benefits Liability, etc.)
  2. Basic Policies- Property (Property, Equipment, Cargo, Auto Physical Damage, Employee Theft, etc.)
  3. Employee Benefits (Health, Dental, Vision, Supplements, Retirement, etc.)
  4. Contractual Transfers (Review of leases, Service Contracts, Request/Requirements for proof of insurance, etc.)

Maximization of Efficiencies

GDI’s Network of Expertise (Outside Vendors w/ Negotiated Rate)

  • Accounting & Taxation (CPAs, Tax Specialists, Bookkeepers, etc.)
  • Legal Guidance & Council (24/7 phone support with CA Attorneys and Local Experts)
  • Safety & Training (CPR, OSHA, and other safety and compliance support)
  • Specialized EPA Inspections & Certifications (i.e. Fuel Tanks, etc.)
  • Inspection Assistance (GDI will be on-site for any/all inspections, audits, reviews, etc.)
  • Insurance Visit Support (Loss Control, Risk Management, Audits, etc.)

California’s Leader in Insurance and Risk Management

As one of the fastest growing agencies in California, GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. is able to provide its clients with the latest and greatest of what the insurance industry has to offer and much, much more.

With locations across the heart of California’s Central Valley and beyond to provide a local feel to the solutions and services we provide our clients. We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s expectations in every interaction to make sure that our client’s know how much we value and appreciate their business.

Contact us today 1-209-634-2929 for your comprehensive business insurance quote!