What kind of operations should you have in place to ensure you get lower rates?

It’s true that ensuring your employee’s health and safety will lower your rates overtime, but having certain internal operations in place will have the same effect.

But what kind of operations should you have in place that keep your company safe from liability and theft?

It’s time to start asking yourself if you have: 

➡️ Liability insurance policies in place to ensure that your company is only responsible for its own operations and employees?

➡️ Cameras, GPS trackers, and other equipment in place if you have tools or other material that is liable to be stolen?

➡️ Sprinklers and alarm systems with your storage facilities and your offices to keep your building safe and adhere to the law?

Keeping your business and equipment safe from liability and theft will relieve your company of that very same liability. 

The less your company is liable for theft and the injuries/mispractice of others, that means fewer claims on your company which will result in lower rates.

What kind of resources do you have in place to protect your equipment and work spaces?