The truth is, heat illness is a completely preventable illness as long as you know how to take care of yourself in the heat.

Despite this, the CDC reports that 658 people every year succumb to heat illness. 

We know that following every single rule and regulation regarding working outdoors can be a lot to handle, but it helps to emphasize why including the symptoms of heat illness and how to prevent it in your yearly safety and compliance training is so important.

As long as heat illness is a danger to your employees and a potential liability to your company, then rules and regulations surrounding it will always need to be enforced.

These could be regulations like:

🟢 Providing clean water to your workers while they’re working outside.

🟢 Encouraging your workers to drink more water as the heat index continues to rise.

🟢 Providing a source of shade to your team while they are working on an outdoor job site.

Truth be told, OSHA doesn’t put these rules in place for their own health. They do it for the safety of your staff. Your team is the backbone of your company. They keep your business afloat through thick and thin.

So doesn’t it make more sense to train them on how to keep themselves hydrated and cool when the heat bears down on them?

On top of that, you could face a hefty fine from OSHA if you don’t educate your team on outdoor job safety or don’t follow these regulations at all.

It just goes to show, the benefits of safety and compliance training, especially around heat illness, greatly outweigh anything else.

But gaining the materials you need to properly train them can be difficult, and planning your safety compliance training can become a hassle.

That’s why GDI offers all of their clients free access to our vast library of resources of safety and compliance training materials.

At GDI, we want to see your business thrive. That means helping you keep your employees as safe as we can and helping them out when disaster strikes. 

We want to see the people who keep your business running on their feet for as long as we can help keep them that way, that’s why we encourage every one of our clients to train their staff in annual safety and compliance training.

We can think of any better encouragement than giving you all the tools you need to get the job done.

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