Power Sports Insurance

Power Sports Insurance – ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Personal Watercraft

You just bought your new toy, maybe an ATV. Because they are powerful and fast, they are also dangerous. Have you considered power sports insurance?

  • What if I run my jet ski up a beach and hit someone?
  • What if my friend drives my ATV and hits a power line?
  • What if I lose control of my snowmobile and my passenger gets injured?

Finally, let’s assume you’re a skilled jet ski operator but not everyone else on that crowded California lake possesses the same skill. What happens if someone like that inadvertently involves you in an accident?

Get Power Sports Insurance

Keep in mind, your homeowner or auto policy will provide little, if any, coverage for these types of vehicles!

Why take any risk? Insuring these toys is not expensive. And the coverage provided will prevent any fun stopping “what if” thoughts. It will truly enable you to enjoy your hobbies with a mind at peace.

GDI Insurance will not only answer all your questions, they’ll provide you with the best protection for the best value available in the state of  California today.

Here are some power sports insurance considerations. (Then, you can saddle up and ride!)

ATV Insurance

Liability Insurance – ATV insurance is similar to auto insurance. Many state laws require minimum liability coverage.You’ll have to purchase at least that much for your ATV. For example, in Turlock, the minimum limits are:

  • $20,000 bodily injury liability for one and $40,000 for all injuries in an accident
  • $10,000 property damage for one accident

Collision – If your ATV hits an object or another vehicle and becomes damaged, this coverage will pay for your ATV repairs (after the deductible is applied).

Comprehensive – This coverage is also referred to as other than collision (OTC).Your ATV is covered if any damage results from anything other than a collision. This would be a fire, hail, vandalism, etc.

Other ATV insurance notes – Other coverages such as medical payments, custom equipment, and roadside assistance may also be available.

If you use your ATV for other than personal use (such as for racing or for business), you’ll have to discuss what insurance options are available with your Hass Insurance Agency pro.

Finally, keep in mind, most insurance carriers have age limits for ATV drivers. Your GDI Insurance Agency broker  can tell you what those are.

Snowmobile Insurance

As with the ATV’s, the main coverages are liability, collision, other than collision and medical payments. Other protection includes trailer coverage, increased liability limits and optional equipment (such as towable sleds and custom parts).

Other snowmobile insurance notes – Not all insurance covers all available snowmobile models.

Coverage may be available while your snowmobile is in storage.

Personal Watercraft Insurance (PWC)

Again, the same main coverages are offered for your PWC as for an ATV and a snowmobile. Many PWC policies are “all risk” policies. This means that unless something is specifically excluded, it’s covered.

What’s usually not covered is:

  • A PWC modified to enhance performance
  • Operating one when it’s dark
  • Operation by anyone without a driver’s license (although, that may be modified with an endorsement)

Other PWC insurance notes– Your PWC will most likely not be covered by another boat policy. You’ll have to purchase a separate policy for your PWC.

Three Questions on Power Sports Insurance

Here are general answers to three questions we often get about these coverages:

Q. Can someone else drive my ATV, Snowmobile or PWC?

If they have your permission, the answer is usually yes—unless there is a named driver warranty on the policy. This limits drivers to the named insured’s on the policy.

Q. Are there discounts available?

Yes. They include multi-policy, multi-unit, safety course, continuous coverage and more.

Q. How are these rated for insurance?

Horsepower, engine size, machine make and model, top speed and usage.

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    GDI Insurance and Power Sports Insurance

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