Why Your Business Needs a Crisis Management Plan

Planning is critical in business and can make all the difference when it
comes to generating revenue, building a reputation, reducing insurance
exposures and satisfying customers. However, while proper planning
can help your clients grow their business, the fact is that—even if they
take every reasonable precaution—a crisis can occur without warning
and lead to significant disruptions and business impacts.
Simply put, a crisis is any situation that falls outside normal business
and emergency response plans. A crisis may be an event your clients
could’ve avoided if the proper protocols were in place (e.g., a social
media crisis, or organizational errors and omissions) or a situation
that’s completely out of your clients’ control (e.g., a natural disaster or a
pandemic). Does your business have a crisis management plan?

Crisis Management Plan

When a Crisis Occurs, It May Significantly

  • Threaten the safety or well-being of a company’s people
  • Impair a company’s ability to operate effectively
  • Harm a company’s public reputation or image
  • Impact a company’s bottom line
  • Increase a company’s insurance exposures

The truth is that every business, regardless of the industry it operates in or the products or services it offers, will likely face a crisis at some point during its existence. These crises can threaten an organization’s reputation and even affect customers, donors and other third parties.

When such an event occurs, it’s critical that your clients are prepared to respond effectively with a crisis management plan. That’s where our new guide—A Guide to Creating a Crisis Management Plan—can help. This guide provides a general overview of crisis management plans and how your clients can create one of their own, enhancing any business continuity and loss control procedures their organization already has in place. It even includes a sample plan businesses can reference when establishing their crisis management strategies. Check it out today.

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