Risk Reduction is Your Key To Lower Insurance Rates

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked how we do it?  How do we get our clients discounts even with the same carrier they are already with?  It is actually very hard, but simple.  Risk Reduction is the key.

Different Rates For Different Risks

Risk Reduction - Lower insurance rates

An easy example would be considered what you would pay to insure a $145,000 Mercedes AMG?  Then consider what you would likely pay for a $20,000 Toyota Prius?  You would naturally expect to pay less for the less expensive non-sports car! 

What if we helped reduce the chance of having a claim in the first place and helped reduce the size of the claims you might have?   Wouldn’t you expect to then pay less for insurance if you were working to have fewer and smaller claims and could show the systems you were using to reduce your Total Cost Of Risk?

Sure you would.  Guess what?  Insurance companies love clients that work on reducing risk too!    

How Does  Your Insurance Broker Help Reduce Your Risks?

Just a quick question.  Does your current insurance broker just give you quotes at renewal time?  Or does your broker work all year to help reduce your Total Cost of Risk?

Give me a call and lets discuss how we can help with you Insurance Cost Reduction by reducing your risk!  1-888-991-2929  Ask for Grant Davis! 

The GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Client Philosophy

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has extensive background rooted in Specialty Risk Management and Financing Programs for clients working in virtually every industry.  Nearly 20 years ago, GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. uncovered a disparity between the needs of clients and the services being provided to meet those needs in the marketplace.  In response, the GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Client Philosophy was created and continues to evolve to include an ever-expanding list of services to meet specific client needs.