Keep Your Marijuana Dispensary Safe During a Robbery

Because they often have a significant amount of cash on hand and deal in a product that isn’t available elsewhere with a high resale value, marijuana dispensaries are increasingly becoming targets for armed robberies. Find out how to keep your marijuana dispensary safe during a robbery.

How you handle yourself while on the job can help reduce the chance for an incident. Even more importantly, how you handle yourself during a hold-up situation can prevent injury or death.

Building a Safe Atmosphere

Since you need to be 21 and show ID to purchase medical marijuana, those without an ID should never be allowed into any area where products are displayed or transactions occur. Aggressively regulating entry can help reduce opportunity.

marijuana dispensary safe during a robbery

Hold-ups and How To Keep Your Marijuana Dispensary Safe During a Robbery

Even when employees take all the proper precautions, there is still chance for a robbery. If such a robbery occurs while you are at work, remember the following tips:

  • Try to remain as calm as possible. This will go a long way in keeping others, and the robber, calm.
  • Comply with the robber’s instructions.
  • Announce your actions to the robber so they don’t feel threatened by your movements.
  • Give the robber any money or goods that they ask for without resistance, but don’t offer up anything they haven’t already mentioned.
  • Make mental notes about the robber’s appearance so you can inform police.
  • Never attempt to physically stop an armed robber.
  • When the robber leaves, secure the building as soon as it is safely possible.

Do what you can to make sure you stay safe during a dangerous situation; do not try to be a hero. Your first priority should be to make sure everyone on the premises remains safe by trying to bring the situation to an end as quickly as possible.

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