Confined Spaces Permits for Construction

Of the potential hazards on a job site, confined spaces are some of the most dangerous. A space can be determined as permit-required, in which case extra measures must be taken in order to ensure the safety of workers.

Permit-required Confined Spaces

Confined space permits are a key part of a company’s confined space entry program. They act as a method of controlling worker entry into potentially dangerous areas. Any area on a job site that may be a confined space must be properly evaluated by a qualified person. Furthermore, all confined spaces must also be inspected to determine if the space requires a permit.

A permit is required for each time that workers are going to be entering a confined space, and must be filled out with information regarding conditions and precautions. This includes information such as:

Confined Spaces

Entry Supervision

It is the responsibility of the entry supervisor to make sure that confined space permits are completed and that the proper measures are taken before authorizing any workers to enter the area.

Completed permits should be posted at the entrance of the confined space and remain throughout the duration of the entry.

Canceling or Suspending Permits

Another responsibility for entry supervisors is to suspend or cancel a permit once work is completed or if conditions become unsuitable for entry.

If a permit is canceled, the confined space in question cannot be reentered until a new permit is completed. Suspended permits can be reinstated if an entry supervisor has conducted an inspection of the space and determined that the allowable conditions, as listed on the permit, have been reestablished.

Canceled permits should be kept for at least a year and reviewed to help evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s confined space entry program.

If you have any questions about confined spaces or permits, speak with your supervisor or another qualified employee.

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