The Dangers of Installing Solar Panels

The Dangers of Installing Solar Panels

The Dangers of Installing Solar Panels

Solar panel installation is a risky job, particularly due to the combination of electrical hazards and working at dangerous heights. Because worker safety is our top priority, we are providing this overview to teach you about the dangers you face while installing solar panels and how you can keep yourself safe from each hazard. GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. your solar panel installer insurance experts. Call us today 209-634-2929 for your free quote!

Fire and Explosions While Installing Solar Panels

Contrary to popular belief, the risk of fire and explosion from solar panels does not stem from the possibility of overheating or spontaneous combustion. Rather, it is the result of faulty wiring and careless installation near flammable gases or vapors. To prevent fires and explosions while installing solar panels, use the correct wire size and ground all electrical systems and tools properly. Check for hazardous gases or vapors in the area before beginning the installation process to protect from the risk of explosion.

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Electrocution from Installing Solar Panels

Electrocution is a major concern when installing solar panels. Solar modules generate up to 600 volts of DC electricity when exposed to sunlight, and when several modules are connected in series, the hazard increases exponentially. Always use the DC disconnect switch when working on a string of PV panels.

Some inexperienced solar panel installers do not realize that unlike a normal power system, turning off the main breaker will shut down the building’s utility power, but it will not stop solar systems from producing power. Therefore, you should keep the module(s) packed in a box until the last minute, and during installation, cover the face with opaque material to halt electrical production. Also, do not touch the terminals while the modules are exposed to light, and as with any electrical work, only use insulated tools.

In addition to the possibility of electrocution while working with the actual PV module, several PV technicians have also been seriously injured by accidentally coming into contact with nearby high-voltage power lines during the installation process. To prevent electrocution from nearby high-voltage power lines, make sure you assess the worksite before beginning a job and insist on adequate on-site supervision to warn workers when they are within 10 feet of a power line.

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Chemical Leaching

The manufacturing process for solar panels involves heavy, toxic metals. It is important to note that broken modules may leach dangerous chemicals, though officials still debate the validity of this hazard. Experts agree that it is not possible for chemicals used in manufacturing to leach onto rooftops or into buildings from a properly functioning module. However, there is debate surrounding whether chemicals from a broken panel could leach and cause harm, whether broken during installation or after disposal.

The best defense against this potential hazard is to prevent breakage altogether by leaving the panel packed until use, taking care not to drop items or accidentally step on the module, and continually making sure  the panels are supported and secured at all times. To avoid causing a break in modules post-installation, plan ahead by trimming trees and other objects that rise above the panels. Remember, do not use a module if there is any evidence of broken glass.

Trips, Slips and Falls

As with any job performed at heights, installing solar panels carries the risk of dangerous slips, trips and falls. Stay sure-footed by wearing the proper personal protective equipment (PPE), including non-slip shoes, and by only working in dry conditions with the proper tools. Always look in the direction you are walking, and cover skylights and other roof openings in the area.

Burn Hazards

When performing solar plumbing jobs, burns are one of the largest risks. Applying fluid to a hot solar system may result in the liquid flashing to steam and causing serious burns to the face or arms. In addition, the system’s collector manifolds may become extremely hot. While most of the collector can be handled safely with bare hands, you should always wear gloves in case you come in contact with the collector manifolds. Also, it takes a good deal of time for solar collectors to cool down after sitting in direct sun, so be mindful of this fact when performing maintenance even if the work is done after dark.


The installation of solar panels is still a relatively new business, so establishing healthy work patterns is extremely important. Working with power sources is a historically dangerous industry, but solar power does not have to be. Learn about the causes of the many hazards we have discussed, and actively work to correct and avoid these hazards in order to maintain a safe working environment for everyone.

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The Dangers of Installing Solar Panels

Insuring Solar Panels, Solar Contractors and Solar Farms

Insurance for the Solar Panel Industry

Solar Panels are all over.  How do you insure a solar panel, or a contractor that installs solar panels?  What about a solar panel farm? Solar panel insurance offers this specific protection.

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With the focus on developing clean energy sources, new alternative energy facilities are popping up all across North America and are predicted to increase exponentially in the next decade. One of the least intrusive and most cost effective is solar energy. Solar cell manufacturing costs continue to fall and output efficiency continues to improve.

GDI Insurance Agency works has developed a competitive clean & green Solar Energy Insurance Coverage program to meet the needs of photovoltaic solar panel “farms,” with new features for more complete recovery.

What’s New with Solar?

  • We have addressed the need for specialized valuation of solar array components;
  • Additional insurance is provided for a greener approach to debris recycling;
  • The opportunity to upgrade to a greener replacement when it is desirable;
  • We even cover the incurred cost of an extended warranty or maintenance contract, if it becomes void due to a covered loss.

What about Tax credits?

  • The tax credits/ financial incentives can be critical to your client’s profit.  And, now there is a simple Solar Business Income Worksheet to help the client capture and quantify these items for Business Income Coverage.

Any other Business Income Coverage special features?

  • When the client also purchases optional Ordinance or Law coverage, there is an extension of time if it  is required to comply with an ordinance or law;
  • And, our business income coverage includes loss arising out of a covered loss to property in transit, an important coverage when insuring the installation phase.

Are other optional coverages available?

  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage, Ordinance or Law, Inflation Protection, Contingent Coverage on Leased Solar Arrays, as well as Flood and Earthquake at eligible locations.
  • Coverage is available from day one of the installation project well into the future, when the solar array is providing clean power to the end user.

There is a lot that needs to be done differently than “normal insurance” to properly cover a solar farm, or contractor installing solar systems.

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Matthew Davis, MBA, CPCU, AAI

The Dangers of Installing Solar Panels

Solar Contractors Insurance

Solar Contractors Insurance

Hello this is Grant Davis.

I’m here today to talk to you about solar insurance and solar installers insurance programs. If you’re a solar installer and you’re going to install solar panels of any kind, we have an insurance program designed to save you money on your solar installer’s insurance policies.  We have packages that offer worker’s compensation, general liability insurance for solar installers, builders risk for solar installers.

We also have great commercial auto insurance programs for your fleet of vehicles.  We have all of that for solar contractors and installers with dozens of insurance companies to choose from so you always get the right coverage at the best rates.

If you’re on your way to a job site with your panels and you get in a car accident, no problem. You leave your solar panels on the job site overnight, tomorrow you come back, they’re gone. No problem, we got those covered for you.

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We Understand What You Need to Have in Your Contracts

We understand the subcontracts you’ll be signing, if you’re going to do work for other general contractors or businesses. We understand additional insured forms, in all the varying types. Take a look under our contractors section for the tab Understanding Additional Insured Forms.  We understand products completed operations, which is very important to you, because there’s a period of repose or a tail of 10 years after you’re done and it’s lifetime for bodily injury If your panel falls off the roof and hurts somebody, bodily injury is lifetime, you’re responsible for that. So we know how to insure you right.

Not only do we know how to insure your solar construction business right, we have all the insurance companies you can choose from.  So you are not stuck with one or two choices.

If you’re a start-up solar installer, we have the market for you. If you’re a big boy and you’re doing a lot of solar stuff, we have those markets, too. If you’re doing it locally, no problem. If you’re doing it nationally, no problem. We can insure your solar farms. We can insure you, as the installer. We can insure everything that you need to.  More importantly we know how to insure your solar installation or solar farm insurance for the lowest prices with the right coverage.

In addition to that, we help you become more successful by providing you with your HR systems, your wellness plans, your OSHA compliance, to keep your workers compensation costs down,  fleet safety to keep your cars’ insurance rates down, property security, disaster recovery models. We provide you with online portals that just drip that to you, so… The amount of stuff we give you, would take you three months to implement it all. So what we’ve done, is over an 18-month period, is we’ve set it up on an email drip for you, so you just start to get everything you need to be compliant, to be OSHA compliant, and to do all the things that you need to do and train your staff to make sure that you’re up and running. The HR system is really cool, because it comes with a phone number to an attorney, and you can call that attorney free of charge and ask any HR questions you want.

We also have a user group online, where you can ask other solar installers or other solar providers, “Hey, what are you doing about this and that?” We have a online platform for you to do that.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

All you need to do is call 1-888-991-2929, ask for Grant Davis, and we’ll handle all of your solar insurance needs for you, everything that you can imagine, and more importantly, not only will we do it right, we’ll make sure that you have the right coverage. Because we have so many companies we work with, we’ll get you the absolute lowest rate, so we’ll cut the cost. Usually we cut the cost. So when we’re working on it, we look at, “Oh, gee, you’re paying this.” Guess what? We’re 20%, 30% less on average. That doesn’t mean every time, but that does mean, on average, that’s what we are, because we have so many insurance companies to choose from, we can match you with the company that wants your business. That’s the beauty of our size, is because we have those companies to do that for you. Give us a call.

Free General Employee Safety Manual Just for Asking

If you’re on our website… or go to our website, fill out the little form that says, “Hey, give me a quote on solar insurance.” It’s just your contact information. And right away we’re going to email you back a free safety manual, a construction safety manual. Now this is not your complete OSHA safety program. This is just the start, but it’s just a start to say, “Hey, thanks for your time” and we’re going to send that right out to you. The first thing we do when you become a client is we hook you up with a program called Think HR and it gives you your employee manuals and all the things you want, plus videos on all your OSHA compliance. And then we have more and more software for you, to get you all hooked up and so you’re completely compliant.

I look forward to doing business with you. We have a large agency, four locations right now, and we’re all over the place and we’d love to help you with your solar insurance. Thank you so much.

Grant Davis