Solar Contractors Insurance

Hello this is Grant Davis.

I’m here today to talk to you about solar insurance and solar installers insurance programs. If you’re a solar installer and you’re going to install solar panels of any kind, we have an insurance program designed to save you money on your solar installer’s insurance policies.  We have packages that offer worker’s compensation, general liability insurance for solar installers, builders risk for solar installers.

We also have great commercial auto insurance programs for your fleet of vehicles.  We have all of that for solar contractors and installers with dozens of insurance companies to choose from so you always get the right coverage at the best rates.

If you’re on your way to a job site with your panels and you get in a car accident, no problem. You leave your solar panels on the job site overnight, tomorrow you come back, they’re gone. No problem, we got those covered for you.

GDI Insurance is Your One Stop Solar Contractors Insurance Agency

Here’s the deal. There’s a lot of places you can just go and they can piece it together, but if you look on our website and look under Construction and Contractors and take a look at credit enhancement bonding and insurance, we’re a dominant player in construction insurance.  We can help you get the insurance you need to get started and grow right along with you as your needs grow we have the insurance companies to help you no matter how big you get!

We Understand What You Need to Have in Your Contracts

We understand the subcontracts you’ll be signing, if you’re going to do work for other general contractors or businesses. We understand additional insured forms, in all the varying types. Take a look under our contractors section for the tab Understanding Additional Insured Forms.  We understand products completed operations, which is very important to you, because there’s a period of repose or a tail of 10 years after you’re done and it’s lifetime for bodily injury If your panel falls off the roof and hurts somebody, bodily injury is lifetime, you’re responsible for that. So we know how to insure you right.

Not only do we know how to insure your solar construction business right, we have all the insurance companies you can choose from.  So you are not stuck with one or two choices.

If you’re a start-up solar installer, we have the market for you. If you’re a big boy and you’re doing a lot of solar stuff, we have those markets, too. If you’re doing it locally, no problem. If you’re doing it nationally, no problem. We can insure your solar farms. We can insure you, as the installer. We can insure everything that you need to.  More importantly we know how to insure your solar installation or solar farm insurance for the lowest prices with the right coverage.

In addition to that, we help you become more successful by providing you with your HR systems, your wellness plans, your OSHA compliance, to keep your workers compensation costs down,  fleet safety to keep your cars’ insurance rates down, property security, disaster recovery models. We provide you with online portals that just drip that to you, so… The amount of stuff we give you, would take you three months to implement it all. So what we’ve done, is over an 18-month period, is we’ve set it up on an email drip for you, so you just start to get everything you need to be compliant, to be OSHA compliant, and to do all the things that you need to do and train your staff to make sure that you’re up and running. The HR system is really cool, because it comes with a phone number to an attorney, and you can call that attorney free of charge and ask any HR questions you want.

We also have a user group online, where you can ask other solar installers or other solar providers, “Hey, what are you doing about this and that?” We have a online platform for you to do that.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

All you need to do is call 1-888-991-2929, ask for Grant Davis, and we’ll handle all of your solar insurance needs for you, everything that you can imagine, and more importantly, not only will we do it right, we’ll make sure that you have the right coverage. Because we have so many companies we work with, we’ll get you the absolute lowest rate, so we’ll cut the cost. Usually we cut the cost. So when we’re working on it, we look at, “Oh, gee, you’re paying this.” Guess what? We’re 20%, 30% less on average. That doesn’t mean every time, but that does mean, on average, that’s what we are, because we have so many insurance companies to choose from, we can match you with the company that wants your business. That’s the beauty of our size, is because we have those companies to do that for you. Give us a call.

Free General Employee Safety Manual Just for Asking

If you’re on our website… or go to our website, fill out the little form that says, “Hey, give me a quote on solar insurance.” It’s just your contact information. And right away we’re going to email you back a free safety manual, a construction safety manual. Now this is not your complete OSHA safety program. This is just the start, but it’s just a start to say, “Hey, thanks for your time” and we’re going to send that right out to you. The first thing we do when you become a client is we hook you up with a program called Think HR and it gives you your employee manuals and all the things you want, plus videos on all your OSHA compliance. And then we have more and more software for you, to get you all hooked up and so you’re completely compliant.

I look forward to doing business with you. We have a large agency, four locations right now, and we’re all over the place and we’d love to help you with your solar insurance. Thank you so much.

Grant Davis