Group Dental Insurance

California Group Dental Insurance

It is relatively inexpensive to include dental benefits in an employer’s benefits plan, and it may help the employer attract and retain highly skilled employees.

Because dental hygiene is associated with overall health, employees with dental plans are often healthier. Employees without dental benefits may postpone or forgo dentist visits in order to save money, and as a result, they can end up with more severe health problems. This may cost an employer more in the long run than if dental benefits were offered.

Various types of dental plans are available. An employer should select one that fits its budget and meets the needs of its employees. Besides traditional dental insurance plans such as managed care and fee-for-service, consumer-driven dental plans—such as dental flexible spending accounts—are becoming more popular.

Employers who are concerned about the cost of offering dental benefits may consider sharing the cost with employees through deductibles, coinsurance and by setting maximum amounts that the company will pay per individual in a specific time period. When designing a dental insurance plan, aim for a plan that is cost-effective and valuable to the company and its employees.

The decision to offer dental benefits is a business decision. Employers should consider their cultures and values as an organization and whether such benefits can help attract and retain valued employees. While dental benefits are an added expense, offering these benefits may save the employer money over time.

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Dental Insurance

A simple routine of brushing and flossing, in addition to regular dental checkups, can be enough to help prevent tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath. Ask GDI Insurance Agency about dental insurance to keep your dental visits affordable.

Why Visit the Dentist?

Your dentist can not only determine the health of your teeth, mouth and gums, but can also make conclusions about your overall health. Oral exams are important to determine what oral diseases and conditions you may have that can affect your overall health.

  • Bad breath or bleeding gums can be a symptom of adult onset diabetes.
  • Bruxism, or the grinding or clenching of one’s teeth, is a telltale sign of stress.
  • Sometimes the tissues in your mouth may change. For example, red spots on the tongue can point to immune system-related disorders.
  • A dental x-ray can alert a dentist to possible osteoporosis if bone loss is seen on the x-ray of a tooth.

How to Select a Dentist

Here are some tips for choosing a dentist in your area:

  • Ask your friends, family members and coworkers who their dentists are and who they would recommend.
  • Schedule a consultation to meet the dentist and staff in person.
  • Ask for the dentist’s credentials and test his/her knowledge by asking questions.
  • Start with something simple such as a cleaning.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with the dentist and the dental office.

What to Expect

  • A full examination
  • A thorough cleaning
  • X-ray of the teeth – Depending on your insurance plan, this may not be covered, so make sure to find out beforehand.Your dentist will likely perform the following at your routine dental visit:

When Should You Go To The Dentist?

    • Seeing a dentist twice a year is recommended for most people. However, people with very little risk of cavities or gum disease can usually see their dentist just once a year, while people with a high risk of problems might need to see the dentist every three or four months, for optimal care.

      Remember, maintaining good oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth and gums!


    We have all the resources you need to successfully plan and execute your EMPLOYEE BENEFITS

    • Human Resources Admin Portal specifically designed and tailored to your business.
    • Human Resource Hotline:  Access to Certified HR Professionals
    • Labor Law Attorneys:  Access to GDI’s network of HR/Employment Law Attorneys
    • Coordination of the above to support your traditional Employee Benefits.
    • Follow-up Steps Include:  Access to OSHA and Safety Compliance Materials & Trainers
    • Many of the services are paid for by GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

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      Industry Leading Solutions

      GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. is very excited to partner with leading industry solution experts to offer smart, dynamic and time-saving technology integrated with the Health platform, HR and payroll processing will be simpler and streamlined for small, midsize and the largest employers who currently struggle to manage these fragmented and manual processes, such as ACA compliance to name just one item that is just handled by GDI’s new program!

      GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has created the perfect match of cutting edge technology so HR departments can have a single sign-on and seamless process for hiring, onboarding, enrolling in benefits and meeting the complex compliance demands of the Affordable Care Act, as well as added the benefit of having both access to attorneys and a dedicated GDI benefits broker to work with. No call centers, no waiting for the next available rep. You call your dedicated broker that knows you, knows your account and handles any issues you need help with.

      No broker of new program can come close to GDI’s offer. In addition GDI also offers a portal to help with all your OSHA Safety Compliance and even keep you OSHA 300 log online.

      Learn About the GDI Client Philosophy!

      Safety and Compliance

      • Employee Manual
      • Base Safety Programs
      • Human Resources
      • Employee Training

      Insurance & Risk Management

      • Basic Policies - Liability
      • Basic Policies - Employee Benefits
      • Employee Benefits
      • Contractual Transfers

      Maximization of Efficiencies

      • Accounting & Taxation
      • Legal Guidance & Council
      • Safety & Training
      • Specialized EPA Inspections & Certifications
      • Inspection Assistance
      • Insurance Visit Support

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