Medical Office Insurance

California Medical Practices are exposed to certain specific risks that many other offices are not.  Medical office insurance is necessary for doctors and physicians offices due to the use of expensive diagnostic and medical equipment. A small fire which produces smoke can cause considerable damage when sterile equipment and environments are compromised. If pharmaceuticals are kept on premises, theft is also a concern. These items should be inaccessible for unauthorized use and stored in a protected area after hours.

medical office insurance

California Medical Office Insurance Risks

Your medical office has many different risks that we can protect with the proper insurance.

  • Equipment Breakdown – expensive medical equipment coverage.
  • Crime – from employee dishonesty of money and inventory to pharmaceuticals on premise.
  • Premises liability – due to public access, slips, trips and falls are a major concern. Keeping equipment sterilized and carefully controlled.
  • Professional Exposures – Doctors and staff should be well trained in the procedures being performed. The more types of procedures performed the more of a chance of a professional exposure.
  • Commercial Auto – Coverage for employees running errands to doctors or personnel travel to client locations.
  • Cyber Crime – Coverage for the risk of a personal information data breach from cyber crime. Find out more here.

In order to address each of the concerns, we at GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. have worked tirelessly with our clients to compile and address the hazards faced – both with insurance and non-insurance backed risk management strategies.

We pride ourselves in our no-nonsense approach to assisting our client from start to finish.  We know that every minute spent dealing with your policies is another minute your medical office is not maximizing its revenue.

GDI Insurance Agency’s Exclusive Solution

At GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. we have worked diligently with our Medical Office clients to create a solution that meets the unique coverage needs of the Medical Practice while streamlining the process and maintaining competitive premium costs.

medical office insurance

The Medical Office Insurance Program Includes:

  1. Business Insurance:  Including coverage for the Office, Equipment, Equipment of Staff, Business Income, Auto Liability, Replacement and/or Recreation of lost Records (both electronic & physical), etc.
  2. Workers Compensation
  3. Professional/Malpractice Liability
  4. Umbrella/Excess Liability:  Add an increased level of Liability Protection to your other policies
  5. Employment Practices Liability:  Including coverage for 3rd Party ADA claims and Defense cost for Wage/Hour Claims.
  6. Cyber Liability:  To protect against data breaches (both electronic and involving paper files)
  7. Miscellaneous:  Coverage for Abuse / Molestation Allegations
  8. CPR, First Aid, & Blood Borne Pathogen:  Discounted Compliance Record Keeping & Training
  9. Disability Insurance:  To protect in case you cannot physically practice
  10. Life Insurance:  To cover Buy/Sell Agreements, Protect against loss of Key Employees, etc.

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