Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) and 3rd Party ADA Claims

The precaution to protect against 3rd Party ADA claims is already available to most business owners, but is sadly not offered by their Agent and/or Broker. Many EPLI policies can actually be endorsed to provide coverage for the business owner for these exact types of cases. Read More

Benefits of Employment Practices Liability Insurance and HR Programs

California business leaders make decisions each day on a range of issues including things like hiring, firing, compensation, promotions and the work environment.  Every one of these decisions impacts your employees and, depending on the outcome, could result in a claim related to wrongful employment practices Read More

Why Do I Need Employment Practice Liability Insurance?

As a business owner, we all strive to hire qualified employees to work for us. Unfortunately, as you are well aware, not every hiring decision goes as planned. Even if an employee is a good employee and does a great job, or has to be terminated for a legitimate reason such as poor attendance or unsatisfactory work habits every termination opens the door for potential lawsuits. Read More