We’ve all had those days at work that we take home with us.

For some of us, that means taking home some rude customers or a long, hard day.

But for others that could mean a long lasting injury that leaves them scarred or leave them with a lasting medical condition.

Imagine this…

Your employees show up for a day on the job ready to start their day with the livestock. They gather up the cattle and get ready to start feeding.

But one of the cows seems to be particularly rambunctious that day, and is giving one of the employees a hard time. 

The cow has decided that it’s had enough, and while the employee is standing behind it, the cow kicks the employee in the head leaving him with a concussion.

If you were the head of this dairy farm, you could be found liable for the physical damages and the medical expenses for that employee. 

This is just one of the many reasons dairy farms need to protect themselves by having worker’s compensation insurance. GDI is dedicated to making sure your workers’ compensation programs fit your company and your budget, so why would you wait to keep your start keeping your staff safe?

Workers’ compensation insurance will ensure that:

✅ Your farm is covered when an injury takes place on the company’s time that could leave you liable.

✅ Your employee’s medical expenses are covered in case the incident leaves a lasting injury and they need to take time to recover.

✅ Your injured employees are able to return to work as healthy as possible after their recovery period.

There’s no excuse for neglecting to keep your workers as safe as possible when they’re under your watch, so why would you wait to give them the coverage they need if the worst were to happen?

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