California Dairy Farm Workers Compensation Savings Program

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Most of the time when you call an insurance agency for help with your Dairy Farm Workers Compensation, policy you get offered a quote. The agent you talk with is limited to helping you bring your premium down a little bit this year by just giving you a quote workers compensation. But as the years pass, you soon are paying more for your insurance than you were to begin with.

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One of the big reasons your Dairy Farm Workers Compensation rates go up without notice is because getting a quote is usually not what you need, and is very short sighted.

Why then do so many brokers limit their services to just giving you a quote?

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Typically that is the only thing they know to do or what they were trained to do. They were trained that giving a quote on Dairy Farm Workers Comp is the service they offer.

Really to get control of the costs you need an agency that focuses on reducing risk. By having GDI Insurance Agency work on reducing the risk of loss your Dairy Farm Workers compensation policy will reduce your rates drastically. More importantly the work GDI does to lower your risk will result in savings and keep those rates from going back up. Fewer and smaller claims are the way to save money on your Dairy Farm Workers Comp now and in the future.

As your risk is reduced the profit margin for the insurance company is increased. In CA workers compensation particularly for Dairy Farm Workers Comp as that margin is increased we can negotiate lower rates on your CA dairy farm workers compensation that will stick!

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Here are just a few ways GDI has created to help you cut the costs of your CA dairy farm workers comp costs!

Building a Top-to-Bottom Safety Program.

Many Dairy Farmers do not realize the full effect workplace accidents have on their organization. Beyond initial treatment costs and lost production time, on-the-job injuries impact Dairy Farm Workers Comp insurance premiums, which can increase a CA Dairy farm workers comp costs for years to come.

GDI has created an exclusive comprehensive safety program that engages all levels of a CA workers comp insurance savings program and your entire organization and can reduce the number and size of accidents, improve morale and ultimately protect your bottom line.

The key to GDI Insurance Agency’s exclusive Dairy Farmers Workers Compensation Cost Reduction Plan is to start with an outstanding safety program!

Successful Safety Programs Start At The Top

GDI has created the following documents to help educate dairy farmers on the importance of a strong safety culture. Your GDI insurance agent will help you understand how to take control of the rising costs of CA dairy owners Workers Compensation as well as your dairy insurance policy by showing you:

  • The financial Impact of Work-Related Injuries on your Dairy Farm Workers Comp.
  • CA Dairy Farm Workers Comp Owners Risk Insights: Safety Programs and the Impact to Your Bottom Line
  • CA Dairy Farm Workers Compensation Savings Program, Owners Risk Insights: Focus on Dairy Safety and Health to Benefit Your Business
  • CA Dairy Owners Workers Compensation The ROI of Safety Programs

The Next Step to Cut the Costs of CA Dairy Farm Workers Compensation is to build the Safety Culture.

A strong, pervasive safety culture goes beyond ‘incentive of the month’ programs. Continued reinforcement is necessary to build and maintain a safety-minded culture within your client’s organization.

  • Dairy Farm Workers’ Compensation Cost Containment Strategies Presentation
  • Safety and Health Committee Responsibilities
  • Safety Awareness Survey Tailored to Save you money on your Dairy Farm Workers Compensation program.
  • Safety Program “Quick Check”
  • Dairy Farm Safety Manuals To Support having fewer and smaller claims hit your Dairy Farm Workers Comp
  • Dairy Farmers is Your Safety Incentive Program Effective
  • Promoting a Safety-Minded Culture
  • Dairy Farmer workers compensation Safety Meeting Basics

Use OSHA to Your Advantage

OSHA is not your enemy. OSHA compliance is a key part of keeping your dairy workers compensation premiums as low as they can be. Vital to any business but also complicated, OSHA compliance is essential to both building a safe work environment and avoiding costly fines. Help simplify Dairy Farmers compliance issues with these easy to follow OSHA materials.

  • Work Comp Insights: OSHA’s Four-Point Safety Program specifically for your dairy Farm Workers Compensation
  • Required OSHA Programs and Training Tailored to helping you save money on your Dairy Farm Workers Comp
  • OSHA On-Site Consultation Program Specifically to Support your Dairy Farm Workers Compensation Savings Program.
  • OSHA’s SHARP Program and Your Organization
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program and Training Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment Program Presentation
  • OSHA Safety Newsletter with a focus on cutting the cost of your Dairy Farm workers comp.

Integrate Wellness and Worker Safety

Statistically, unhealthy workers are far more likely to be involved in a workplace accident. These accidents will increase the cost of your dairy farm workers comp. They also generally require longer rehabilitation and incur higher medical costs than their healthier counterparts. Adding a wellness program to any safety initiative can help reduce the frequency and severity of workplace accidents.

Reducing Injury Costs with Planning and Communication

Having the proper pre-accident and post-accident procedures in place can drastically reduce the severity of a workers’ compensation claim. Stress the importance of establishing a system in advance to ensure incidents are dealt with quickly and effectively.

Use Conditional Offers to Evaluate Prospective Employees to reduce claims for your Dairy Farm Workers Compensation Program.

Assist your client’s hiring managers by educating them on the benefits of a ‘conditional offer of employment.’ Requiring a medical evaluation for all incoming employees allows your client to weed out prospective employees predisposed to injury.

  • Dairy Farm Workers Compensation insights on how to Create a Dairy Farm Workers Comp Workplace that Prevents Injuries and Increases Productivity
  • Post Offer-of-Employment Medical Questionnaire
  • Conditional Offer of Employment
  • Conditional Offer Medical Exam Form
  • Conditional Offer of Employment Withdrawal Letter (Medical Reasons)

Select and Train an Injury Management Coordinator

Designating an Injury Management Coordinator can help clients manage workers’ comp cases to ensure that employees get the care they need while also minimizing claim costs. Find a supervisor or well-respected employee to oversee injury management and return to work efforts.

  • Dairy Farm Workers Compensation training on Selecting and Training Your Injury Management Coordinator
  • Injury Management Coordinator Job Description
  • Disability Management Training Workbooks
  • Supervisor Injured Worker Preparedness Survey
  • Supervisor Response Training – Workplace Injuries

GDI will help dairy farmers Build a Clinic Relationship to reduce the cost of claims for their Dairy Farm Workers Compensation

Maintaining on ongoing relationship with a local clinic has a number of advantages for business owners and injured workers.

Enact Procedures to Address Accidents Quickly and Effectively

The 24 hours following an injury are critical; make sure your clients are ready to deal with accidents and injured workers quickly and effectively.

  • Work Comp Insights: The First 24 Hours After an Injury
  • Work Comp Insights: The Importance of Prompt Claims Reporting
  • Conducting a Workplace Accident Investigation
  • Report of Injury or Illness Form

GDI will help dairy farmers Create and Maintain a Return to Work Program

Return to Work programs are some of the most effective tools to reduce a claim in a Dairy Farm Workers Comp policy. It can be complicated. GDI will put it together for you and explain the math behind it!

  • Return to Work Program Guide
  • Impact of Return to Work Programs Presentation
  • General Industry Playing it Safe: Return to Work Program
  • Return to Work Policy
  • Return to Work Roles and Responsibilities Flow Chart
  • Physician Authorization – Return to Work Form and Letter
  • Return to Work Evaluation Form and Letter
  • Return to Work Agreement Letter- Employer to Employee

Minimizing Premium Payments by Controlling the Dairy Farm Workers Compensation Insurance Process

Business owners may not realize their own ability to control their workers’ compensation premiums. By managing their exposures and promoting safety, it is possible for employers to decrease their premium rates. Educating business owners on the importance of their experience modification factor, as well as verifying their mod has been correctly calculated, can create tremendous long-term savings for their organization.

GDI will Audit your Dairy Farm Workers Comp Premium Reduction Starts With:

Hold the underwriters accountable by auditing your workers’ compensation premium. This allows you to ensure your client is adequately covered without being overcharged. I have included at the bottom of this page a nice letter written to GDI by Turlock Dairy Refrigeration TDR from Mathew Bruno which speaks to GDI’s ability to help you with you audits!

  • Dairy Farm Workers Comp Audit Checklist
  • Dairy Farm Workers Compensation Terms to Know
  • Dairy Farm Workers Comp Work Comp Insights: Controlling the Premium Audit to Eliminate Overcharges
  • Work Comp Insights: The NCCI Remuneration Rule

GDI will train your CA dairy Farm workers comp managers on the Importance of Their Experience Modification Factor. Reducing your mod is another way GDI helps save you money on your Dairy Farm Workers Comp.

Do you know that by reducing their experience modification factor they can greatly reduce their premiums? Share with your clients why it’s important to actively monitor and work to improve their modification factor by showing them the tangible savings they could achieve by lowering it.

  • GDI’s Dairy Farm Workers Compensation insights: Understanding Your Dairy Farm Workers Comp Experience Modification Factor
  • GDI’s Dairy Farm Workers Comp insights: Drug Testing and Your Mod
  • GDI’s Your Dairy Farm Workers Comp Experience Modification Factor Presentation
  • GDI’s Top 10 Ways to Control Your Dairy Farm Workers Comp Mod

Our Clients Say It Best!

Dear Grant,

We would like to thank and recommend Matt Davis with GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. for his continued service on our workers’ compensation insurance. For the last two years before we appointed GDI to represent us for our workers compensation insurance, we received extremely high audits. After the first large audit the explanation our broker at the time gave us was, “the audit is what it is” and that we would have to pay it. The next year (2009-2010) the audit was even worse and we were billed for an additional $85,013.66 under the same prior broker’s watch.

Even though GDI was not our broker for the policy that the audit was from, they asked to take a look at the audit. Matt spent hours reviewing and correcting the incorrect assumptions, details, match and operations that made up this ” rip-off’ of an audit. When it was all said and done we went from owing over $85,000 to actually receiving a refund of nearly $2,600-a difference of about $88,000!

As Matt explained, there are many moving parts when it comes to workers compensation and audits- all of which are governed by strict rules and actual math. After fixing the incorrect audit, GDI then began supplying us with a complete HR system, OSHA safety programming, and consultative assistance in managing workplace injuries to ensure that our modification factor is managed to as low as possible. In the last 3 years that Matt has worked with us on our account our Modification factor has dropped 26%. It seems that when everything is going well, business owners tend to think that anyone can handle their account… But when things start going sideways they can become painfully aware that they need someone who understands how to navigate the system with all its intricacies and nuances.

We recommend GDI

Mat Bruno

Turlock Dairy Refrigeration

PS. GDI will Save you Time and Money on your Dairy Farm Workers Compensation.