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GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. and the Hartford understand the you invest a substantial amount of time, effort and financial resources into you dairy operation.  You work hard to provide your dairy cattle with the most productive environment and best animal husbandry possible.  Unfortunately, your dairy cattle are still very vulnerable to many hazards beyond your control.  GDI recommends all our dairy owners as well as cattle owners of all types get a quick no hassle livestock mortality insurance quote to cover what matter most to your business.  Your cattle!

The most common comment I hear when I present a cattle mortality insurance quote is that it is so inexpensive.  Call GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. at 209-634-2929 for a free quick quote to cover your cows!  

GDI recommends the Hartford Cattle Mortality policy because:

Markets, range condition, weather and animal health – a lot can impact your pasture cattle operations. Despite all the controls you put in place to run a successful business, losses and hardship can still occur due to events outside of your control. As you insure your operations for these events, don’t forget to insure your cattle.

Pasture cattle coverage from The Hartford & GDI is designed to provide you with the protection you need.


The Hartford has insured livestock since 1916, giving us the experience to understand your risks. Our pasture cattle coverage provides insurance for the death of covered livestock due to covered causes of loss, including:

  • Water Contamination
  • Feed Contamination
  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Smothering caused by blizzard
  • Drowning
  • Flood
  • Building collapse
  • Vandalism
  • Theft of covered livestock
  • And more, lets talk about your cattle risk and what is and isn’t going to be covered.
  • Cattle mortality insurance is surprisingly inexpensive!

Also, don’t take a chance with your pasture feeding operation.

Safeguard your hard work and financial investment with The Hartford.  Call Your GDI Insurance Broker for help!  1-888-991-2626

A ROUNDUP OF OPTIONS The Hartford offers highly valued optional protection at cost-effective prices:

Valuation Schedule

Our standard program values covered livestock at current market value. But our optional valuation schedule can provide more flexibility. It amends coverage with values for types or categories of covered livestock that you and The Hartford agree aren’t represented by current market value.

Carcass removal coverage. Adds the expense of carcass removal to our standard program if such carcasses are covered livestock that died as a result of a covered cause of loss.


Our in-house Claims service consultants provide you with a single point of contact on claims issues and coverage assessments. They’re on call 24 hours a day to provide you with timely and efficient service. Be assured you’ll deal with a professional who knows your business inside out, which can expedite loss settlements.


The Hartford’s attentive Claims processors and local, experienced underwriters are there when you need them. We understand that your business is constantly changing. And we’re ready to respond with flexible products that will help protect your investment. We don’t just know livestock coverage – many of us are also livestock owners, so we understand the risks and benefits firsthand

Cattle Mortality

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