Landscaping Employee Safety Plan

As a Landscaping Business Owner you recognize that employees drive a lot of your business. Employees should be safeguarded through training, work surroundings and procedures that foster protection of health and safety. Implementing your Landscaping Employee Safety Manual and committing to these landscaping employee safety tips can prevent many workplace accidents. GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. is your landscape insurance specialist. Give us a call today 209-634-2929 for your free quote.

landscaping employee safety

Commitment To Landscaping Employee Safety

Being firmly committed to the safety of your employees is essential for landscape business owners. By implementing processes that prevent workplace incidents will provide a safe working environment for all employees.

Be sure to encourage your employees to report any unsafe work practices or safety hazards encountered on the job. All accidents or incidents, no mater how slight, should be immediately reported to the supervisor on duty.

landscaping employee safety

Landscaping Employee Safety Agreement

  1. All accidents are preventable through implementation of effective safety and health control policies and programs.
  2. Safety and health controls are a major part of our work every day.
  3. Accident prevention is good business. It minimizes human suffering, promotes better working conditions for everyone, holds  in higher regard with customers and increases productivity.
  4. Management is responsible for providing the safest possible workplace for employees. Consequently, management of  is committed to allocating and providing all of the resources needed to promote and effectively implement this safety policy.
  5. Employees are responsible for following safe work practices and company rules, and for preventing accidents and injuries. Management will establish lines of communication to solicit and receive comments, information, suggestions and assistance from employees where safety and health are concerned.
  6. Management and supervisors of  will set an exemplary example with good attitudes and strong commitment to safety and health in the workplace. Toward this end, management must monitor company safety and health performance, working environment and conditions to ensure that program objectives are achieved.
  7. Our safety program applies to all employees and persons affected or associated in any way by the scope of this business. Everyone’s goal must be to constantly improve safety awareness and to prevent accidents and injuries.
landscaping employee safety

Landscaping Employee Safety Responsibilities

The primary responsibility of  employees is to perform their duties in a safe manner in order to prevent injury to themselves and others.

As a condition of employment, employees MUST become familiar with, observe and obey ’s rules and established policies for health, safety and preventing injuries while at work. Additionally, employees MUST learn the approved safe practices and procedures that apply to their work.

Before beginning special work or new assignments, an employee should review applicable and appropriate safety rules.

If an employee has any questions about how a task should be done safely, they are under instruction NOT to begin the task until they discuss the situation with their supervisor. Together, they will determine the safe way to do the job.

If, after discussing a safety situation with their supervisor, an employee still has questions or concerns, they are required to contact the Safety Coordinator.

NO EMPLOYEE IS EVER REQUIRED to perform work that they believe is unsafe or that they think is likely to cause injury or a health risk to themselves or others.

General Landscaping Employee Safety Rules


Horseplay and practical jokes are forbidden. Employees are required to work in an injury-free manner displaying accepted levels of behavior. Conduct that places the employee or others at risk, or which threatens or intimidates others, is forbidden.

Drugs and Alcohol

Use and/or possession of illegal drugs or alcohol on company property or on company time is forbidden. Reporting for work while under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol is forbidden.


You are responsible for keeping your work area clean and safe. Clean up several times throughout the day, disposing of trash and waste in approved containers, wiping up any drips/spills immediately and putting equipment and tools away as you are finished with them.

The following areas must remain clear of obstructions:

  • Aisles/exits
  • Fire extinguishers and emergency equipment
  • All electrical breakers, controls and switches

Injury Reporting

All work-related injuries must be reported to your supervisor as soon as practicable.  Failure to report injuries can result in loss of Workers’ Compensation benefits.  After each medical appointment resulting from a work-related injury, you must contact your supervisor to discuss your progress. You must also give your supervisor any paperwork that you received at the appointment.

Providing Transitional Return to Work (light duty) jobs for persons injured at work. Transitional work is meant to allow the injured or ill employee to heal under a doctor’s care while remaining productive. Employees are required to return to work immediately upon release.

Off-site Safety

  • Employees are required to follow all standard safety and security procedures during off-site visits.
  • If your contact person does not advise you regarding safety hazards:
  • Note emergency exit location(s) when indoors.
  • Keep your eye on the path you are walking and avoid any tripping/slipping hazards. When on stairs maintain three-point contact (hand on rail and feet on stairs).
  • Look for features on a property that could present a unique hazard to the task at hand.

These rules are established to help you stay safe and injury free. Violation of the above rules, or conduct that does not meet minimum accepted work standards, may result in discipline, up to and including discharge. When working at a customer location, employees are required to follow the above rules, as well as all customer rules and procedures, and work in a manner that reflects positively on the company. Before operating any equipment at a customer location, permission must first be secured from the customer contact.

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