Protect Your Driving School and Save

Owning a driving school is a great way to make a living helping teach people how to drive safely. Protecting your driving school business with the appropriate insurance is vital. Driving School insurance consists of coverage for your cars in the even they are in an accident you need liability insurance to protect your driving school from claims when someone is injured as well as to repair your car.

But What Other Insurance Might You Need?

What about workers compensation to cover your instructors?  Have you considered what happens if while instructing a student the student causes an accident and hurts others, the student themselves, as well as your instructor?  Having insured driving school for 30 years now all I can say is what you least expect happens!

Do you offer class room training, or have an office you run your school out of?  Even your home?  It is important to also have business liability insurance even if you have just one car, and run your school from your home.  Your personal insurance excludes coverage for business activities.  So if you meet a student at Starbucks for coffee and to discuss the basics, and that student trips and falls over your laptop case, who pays for that?  Your business liability insurance does.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. brokers have access to over 100 insurance companies we can check rates for you, and save you money on your driving school insurance.

A GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. broker can save you as much as almost 70% off your driving school insurance!  Take a look at Spencer’s Driving Schools Testimonial.   In most cases we have found we can save up to 37% off the cost of driving school insurance for your cars.  We also add a business owner’s policy and workers compensation to complete your coverage.

How Do We Do It?

First we have access to the insurance companies that insure driving schools.  Then we give you all your Human Resource material,  Illness and injury prevention plans, OSHA compliant safety programs, as well as fleet auto safety plans.  All these things help you run a safer driving school, and get you premium discounts on your driving school insurance!

Just call a GDI Insurance Agency Broker 888-991-2929 or fill out the contact form under the driving school tab to Save on driving school insurance!  Or just click here and go right to the page