Driving School Insurance

Driving School Insurance

GDI Insurance Agency Has Expanded It’s Driving School Insurance Savings Program

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. is helping California driving school owners just like you save money on your Driving Instructor Insurance. We know that your business insurance is one of your top expenses and we are here to help you reduce your costs. If your business has 3 years of insurance records, we can shop to get you an excellent rate on your driving school insurance.

Protection Your Driving School Can Count On!

  • Physical damage and liability insurance for your fleet
  • Workers Compensation for your employees
  • General liability for your location
  • Umbrella insurance especially for fleets

We have put together an exclusive Driving School Insurance Savings Program.

On average our Driving Schools Save an average of 37% on their Traffic School Insurance by calling GDI Insurance Agency!

To start saving money on your Driving Instructor Insurance all you have to do is call  GDI Insurance Agency! 1-888-991-2929 

How To Save Money On Your Traffic School Insurance

GDI Insurance Agency’s Driving School Insurance Savings Program


Our program gives you free teen driver safety training material and contracts you can co-brand with GDI Insurance Agency for use in your driving school. We have a complete Teen Driver Safety program and Teen Driver Insurance savings plan.

Below are just some of the coverages GDI Insurance Agency’s Driver Education Insurance Program has to offer. It isn’t just about saving money on your Driving Instructor Insurance. It is also about getting the right insurance for your driving school.

Automobile driving schools provide required courses for drivers who must meet their state’s licensing requirements. Students must take a certain number of hours of on-site instruction from an instructor, along with computer simulation and testing. These schools work with three distinct groups of students. The first is teenagers attempting to obtain an operator’s license for the first time. The second consists of licensed individuals who wish to improve their driving skills. The last group is made up of individuals who have lost their driving privileges and who must pass a state-approved course in order to regain them.

GDI Insurance Agency’s Drivers Ed Insurance Program covers you for all these drivers types. We also can help with Truck Driving School Insurance!

Property Exposures are primarily of you Driving School office in nature, although there may be classrooms for group sessions. Fire sources include electrical wiring, wear, and overheating of equipment. If automobiles are garaged and/or serviced on premises, an exposure to gasoline and oil is also present. Collision damage to the building and other structures is another potential exposure as students may be inexperienced in controlling a vehicle.

Crime Exposures are from employee dishonesty and money and securities. Hazards increase without proper background checks and monitoring procedures. A higher potential for employee dishonesty exists when a single employee collects fees and also disburses funds. Regular external audits should be encouraged.

Inland Marine Exposures are from accounts receivable, computers, mobile equipment, and valuable papers and records. All records should be duplicated with a copy stored or maintained off site. Mobile property may be carried in instructors’ vehicles or may be taken to exhibition locations.

Premises Liability Exposures are moderate due to students and other visitors at the school location. Because evening classes are offered, the parking lot and sidewalks should be kept clear and properly illuminated. Building exits must be adequate in number, well marked and unobstructed. All floor coverings should be properly maintained and not present tripping hazards. All instructors should meet all state regulations. If the state requires certifications and/continuing education, a monitoring procedure should be in place. If contract instructors are used, the written contracts with them should clearly detail their responsibilities and expectations. Instructors under contract should be monitored in the same way as employee instructors.

Abuse and Molestation Exposures are serious when instructors work with minors. Coverage for abusers and molesters is excluded, and the coverage provided for the school where the abuse or molestation takes place is very restricted. The school should purchase broader coverage from insurance markets that specialize in that coverage. The school is obligated and responsible for using every possible means to protect students from predatory adults, using background checks, monitoring and supervising instructors, and reporting all allegations of abuse to the proper authorities. The more vulnerable the potential victim, the more vigilant the school must be.

Automobile Exposures are extensive as vehicles are used by inexperienced drivers. All vehicles used for instruction should have dual controls and be clearly marked as drivers’ education vehicles. Adequate scheduled preventive vehicle maintenance is essential. Motor vehicle reports on instructors should be obtained and reviewed regularly.

Workers Compensation Exposures arise from automobile risks and abusive clients. The school should develop and implement measures to maintain contact with its instructors while they are providing instruction in vehicles on the road. They should also receive training in procedures to follow in the event of an accident or an encounter with an unruly client.

Learn About the GDI Client Philosophy!

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  • Human Resources
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If You Think This Sounds Too Good To Be True, Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say about their Insurance:

"“…$385,000 less a year than we were paying

We looked hard at all our budget items, and insurance seemed to be a big fixed expense. GDI found us a policy for $385,000 less a year than we were paying”

-CA Home Builder

"…found me coverage for $140,000 less a year

When everyone else said that was the best they could do, I called GDI, and they found me coverage for $140,000 less a year than anyone else offered.”

-CA Cement Contractor

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GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

At GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. we will do the work for you to ensure you have the best protection plan for your California business automobiles.  Not only that, but as you can see, we will go the extra mile to make sure your business is protected from the inside-out. 

Located in Turlock, CA we have offices throughout California’s Central Valley, Northern California and beyond.

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