OSHA First Aid Program

You can’t just pay the doctor bill!

You have to follow set rules to have a complaint first aid program! Here is just an overview. Your GDI Insurance Broker will help you set up your companies OSHA Compliant first aid program…


In many cases, prompt and knowledgeable treatment of injured employees prevents minor injuries from becoming major. GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. will help your company train personnel in basic first aid and blood-borne pathogens exposure. Only these trained individuals will respond to medical problems or medical emergencies.

Injured Employees

Any employee injured on the job should immediately seek care and report their injury to a supervisor.

First Aid Supplies

First aid supplies should be monitored and restocked on a periodic basis. (SPECIFY NAME OF POSITION) will be responsible for choosing types and amounts of first-aid supplies and maintaining those supplies. The supplies will be adequate and will reflect the most common injuries in the facility. First aid cabinets or kits will be maintained in accessible places in all parts of the facility. They will be regularly stocked and monitored to ensure availability in the event of an emergency.

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