Sports Safety For Kids

We have started a new school year and with that comes school sports. There are many benefits for kids playing sports.  Our job as parents and coaches is to keep kids sports safety top of mind.

Young athletes cite having fun, learning new skills, making friends and feeling successful as some of the reasons why they partake in sports. But the benefits of youth athletics go much further than this.

Sports offer a specialized arena where youth can demonstrate their talents and hone their skills. In fact, participating in sports is physically, socially, cognitively and psychologically engaging. Children are working together with others toward a common goal—not just with teammates, but coaches, families and the community as well.

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Sports Related Injuries

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, approximately six million high school children participate in team sports and over 30 million others play sports outside of school. Given the statistics, it’s no surprise that sports-related injuries account for 3.5 million doctor, clinic and emergency room visits each year for children under age 15.

Sports Safety for Youth Sports

Sports Safety For Kids

Prevention by practicing sports safety is essential in reducing the risk of injury. Make sure your child does the following to avoid injuries:

  • Abides by the rules of the sport.
  • Has a physical examination by a physician and is cleared to partake in the physical activity.
  • Wears the proper apparel and protective gear required.
  • Warms up and stretches before and after playing to prevent injury.
  • Drinks plenty of fluids before and during the sport.
  • Does not partake if they are extremely tired or in pain.

Prompt treatment can often prevent a minor injury from becoming much worse. If your child displays the following warning symptoms, strongly consider a visit to the doctor:

  • Inability or decreased ability to participate in the sport.
  • Visible deformity such as a shoulder out of joint.
  • Severe pain in his or her extremities.

Healthy Hints

Keep your kids safe as they sweat, play and get a good workout. Remind them to stay hydrated, stretch and alert you if they feel any pain.

How To Be A Positive Sports Spectator

Keeping it positive is good for the well being of your child!

We’ve all witnessed “that” parent, who yells at coaches, players and referees.  We know this behavior is damaging to their child.  It can effect not only the game but perhaps the entire season.

Here are some tips from Breaking Muscle to make sure you’re not “That” parent.

  1. Use positive encouragement- Don’t heckle the coach, the players, or the referees.  Cheer for the entire team, not just your child.
  2. Support the coach- Attend parent meetings, read the rulebook, have your child at practice on time and pick up your child on time.
  3. Address issues privately and directly with the coach- A pre-arranged meeting allows both you and the coach to focus o the issue and resolve it without distraction.
  4. Do not undermine the coach- When your child is playing let the coach do his or her job.
  5. Teach and model good sportsmanship and behavior- What we say and what we do is directly reflected back to us in the behaviors of the players on the field and on the bench.

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