Driving In Mexico? Does My US Auto Insurance Cover Me?

Driving In Mexico? Does My US Auto Insurance Cover Me?

Do I Need A Mexican Auto Insurance Policy?

It’s a fact: In Mexico, drivers can be held both criminally responsible and financially liable for the accidents they cause. If you’re heading “south of the border” on business or pleasure and plan to drive, it’s important to make arrangements for a Mexican auto insurance policy.


What about my U.S. auto liability coverage?

U.S. automobile liability insurance is not valid in Mexico, nor is most collision and comprehensive coverage issued by U.S. companies. People who have accidents must either have liability insurance recognized by the Mexican government or be able to prove they have enough money to pay any claims against them.

Under Mexican law, an automobile accident is both a civil and criminal offense and authorities presume guilt until proven innocent. To help you avoid hassles, a Mexican Auto Insurance policy is recognized by the authorities as a guarantee of proper payment for damages according to the terms of the policy and can help steer you away from additional delays and hassles.

Insurance options

There are a variety of policy add-ons called endorsements that are available to extend a person’s auto policy into Mexico. Some provide a free endorsement extending a policy’s coverage to infrequent trips of up to 10 days and as far as 25 miles intoMexico. Even so, if you have an accident, only a Mexican automobile liability policy is acceptable by the Mexican authorities as evidence of financial responsibility.

Full policy coverage

In the event that you have a claim, most Mexican Insurance coverage includes:

  • Physical damage and theft coverage
  • Third party liability coverage (damages you cause to others)
  • Medical payments for you and your passengers
  • Legal assistance
  • Road assistance and travel assistance

Also, it’s important to note that regardless of person’s liability insurance with a Mexican casualty company, the coverage can be voided due to an accident while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

A Mexican auto insurance policy can be purchased after crossing the border, but it is risky to drive any distance in Mexico without liability insurance that complies with Mexican law. Why take the chance or wait in line at the border? We can help you obtain affordable coverage quickly and easily.

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Matthew Davis MBA, AAI