How to Build a Workplace Safety Roadmap

You know you need a safety program!  GDI Insurance Agency has all the resources you need to help understand that true workplace safety is more than just a simple policy. With the materials highlighted in this workplace safety roadmap, you can provide resources targeted to their need and keep loss control initiatives top of mind-protecting your company’s bottom line.

The Value of Safety

Some employers simply don’t realize the value of safety and the potential cost savings.  GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has created workplace safety roadmap solutions to help you understand and take control of your:

  • Safety Culture
  • MOD
  • Injury Management
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Return to Work Program

Gain Buy-In from Senior Management.

Safety cultures are built from the top down, making management support crucial to safety program success. We will help educate senior management on the benefits of building and maintaining a safety program. Broaden your conversation beyond the basics – not only do safety programs minimize accidents and hold down indemnity, GDI promotes loss control through improved employee morale and reduced absenteeism.

Deliver the WIIFM (What’s in it for Me?)

Are you aware of their responsibilities under OSHA’s General Duty Clause? Do you know how much lost revenue employee absences are costing  your company annually? We can Illustrate how employee safety prevents fines, reduces losses and increases revenue.

  • Financial Impact of Work-Related Injuries Presentation
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Safety Programs and the Impact to Your Bottom Line
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Focus on Safety and Health to Benefit Your Business
  • Safety and Health Audit

Set the Tone

From day one, employees at all levels of the organization should understand the importance of workplace safety. GDI Insurance Agency can help you ensure management, trainers and employees are educated on regulations by furnishing  your business with the tools necessary for success.

  • Elements of a Successful Safety and Health Program
  • State Guide to Safety Regulation-
  • Workplace Required Posters-
  • Employee Safety Manual – General and Industry Specific
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Creating a Strong Safety Culture
  • General Industry Safety Matters: Promoting a Safety-Minded Culture
  • Employee Safety Survey
  • Safety and Health Survey

Use OSHA to Your Advantage

OSHA compliance is essential to both building a safe work environment and avoiding costly fines. Help simplify your companies  compliance issues with these easy to follow OSHA materials.

  • Work Comp Insights: OSHA’s Four-Point Safety Program
  • Required OSHA Programs and Training
  • OSHA On-Site Consultation Program
  • OSHA’s SHARP Program and Your Organization
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Program and Training Materials
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Program Presentation
  • OSHA Program Audit

Help Build and Support a Safety Committee

Even if you already have a safety committee, it may not have all the resources necessary to be successful. The following materials will help you create and support safety committee initiatives to quickly address concerns and encourage positive employee behavior.

Create a Culture of Safety

GDI Insurance Agency can help you build a culture of safety with materials that provide the knowledge and resources needed to successfully support a safety committee.

  • Safety and Health Committee Responsibilities
  • Work Comp Insights: Create a Workplace that Prevents Injuries and Increases Productivity
  • Safety Budget Worksheet
  • Safety Program “Quick Check”
  • Minimizing the Risk of Workplace Injury
  • Comprehensive Safety & Health Inspection Checklist

Deliver a Safety Incentive Program…that Works.

If executed correctly, safety incentives can be one of the most effective tools at an employer’s disposal when it comes to encouraging safety.   We will make sure your safety incentive programs are a good fit for the organization’s culture and illustrate success at effectively reducing workplace accidents with the following  materials:

  • Employee Safety Incentive Program Guide
  • Employee Safety Incentive Policy
  • General Industry Risk Insights: Is Your Safety Incentive Policy Effective
  • Safety Incentive Survey

Give Supervisors the tools they need

While the Safety Committee sets the tone, supervisors put the tone into action. By equipping supervisors with the tools need for success, you bring your clients closer to an accident-free workplace and become a trusted safety partner.

Help Employers Set Expectations

Managers and supervisors are busy. They need, and deserve, guidance on how to effectively execute on their safety responsibilities.  Help employers communicate expectations, impart best practices and share tips with the documents below.

  • Supervisor Safety Responsibilities
  • Safety and Health Programs: Training for Employees, Supervisors and Managers
  • Supervisor Safety: Reducing Risks for Shift Workers
  • Safety Coordinator Responsibilities
  • Qualities of an Effective Safety Coach

Support Injury Cost Containment

Injury management can ensure that injured employees get the care they need while also minimizing claim costs. Employers should appoint a well-respected supervisor or employee to oversee injury management and return to work efforts.  GDI Insurance Agency has put together these resources to help.

  • Work Comp Insights: Selecting and Training Your Injury Management Coordinator
  • Injury Management Coordinator Job Description
  • Disability Management Training Workbooks
  • Supervisor Injured Worker Preparedness Survey
  • Supervisor Response Training – Workplace Injuries

Support Safety Meetings and Toolbox Talks Weekly or monthly safety meetings are a great venue for promoting safety. Use our vast library of safety meeting talking points to assist you in this recurring activity.

  • General Industry Safety Matters: Promoting a Safety-Minded Culture
  • General Industry Safety Matters: Toolbox Safety Meetings- Tips for Trainers
  • General Industry Safety Matters: Safety Meeting Basics
  • Attend Your Safety Meetings Poster
  • Take Time to Meet for Safety
  • Safety Meeting Sign-In Attendance Form

Offer Employee Communications that’s Targeted and Relevant

We have thousands of documents for dozens of industries – including safety handbooks and policies, brochures, flyers, presentations, posters and payroll stuffers – all created to support your professional client services.  Combined with the knowledge of your GDI Insurance broker these templates come to life to help you achieve the goals you and your broker have set for your company.

Topics that Matter

You are unique, and your safety program should be, too. Mix important safety basics with targeted, industry-specific safety communications to address their most pressing needs.  Just a few samples:

  • Construction Playing it Safe: Ergonomics Solutions for Electrical Contractors
  • Manufacturing Target on Safety: What You Should Know About Hexavalent Chromium
  • Agriculture Playing it Safe: The Dos and Don’ts of Grain Augers
  • Education and Childcare Target on Safety: Know the Hazards in Your Classroom
  • Heath Care Playing it Safe: All About Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Transportation and Warehousing Target on Safety: Overview on Correctly Securing Cargo

Onboard Employees with Safety in Mind

HR Onboarding Toolkit

Whether you you have dedicated trainers or are relying on front line managers and HR for employee education,  we can deliver resources to help new employees understand the importance of safety from day one.  Some samples:

  • Supervisor Safety: Reducing Risks for New Workers
  • Employee Safety Responsibilities
  • New Employee Safety Orientation Process
  • New Employee Safety Orientation Guide
  • Manufacturing Safety Matters: The New Employee’s Top Role Model- You
  • Construction and Contracting Safety Matters: Teaching On-Site Safety by Example

Different Resources, Same Message

Important messages are worth repeating. GDI Insurance has hundreds of choices in a variety of formats, it’s easy for employers to target employees to reinforce key safety messages and keep them at the forefront of daily operations.

  • Eye Safety & You Poster
  • General Industry Safety Matters: Selecting Safety Sunglasses
  • General Industry Playing it Safe: Protect Yourself from Eye Injuries
  • Gear Up For Safety: Eye Protection
  • Protect Your Vision (Payroll Stuffer)
  • Quiz: Eye Safety

Keeping Safety Top of Mind

Safety programs require constant attention,  and maintenance. Provide resources and stay top of mind with monthly safety communication materials for management, risk managers, supervisors and employees.

  • OSHA Safety Newsletter Produced Quarterly
  • Employee Newsletter Series
  • Safety First Monthly Series

For Fast and Easy Implementation

Short on time? In 10 minutes or less you can support your safety and return to work programs by subscribing to one or more of the following  monthly Campaigns:

  • Safety First Campaign
  • Building a Safety Culture: Attitude and Execution
  • Construction/Manufacturing Safety Meeting Campaign
  • Safety Culture Grouping
  • OSHA  Safety Newsletter Campaign
  • Fleet/Driver Safety Campaign

GDI Insurance Agency has invested in programs and systems that we have organized, and will customize and tailor to your needs.  We have taken caring to the next level.  We are here and equipped to help you do something about it! Contact us today 1-888-991-2929

Thank You

Grant Davis
GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.