What's the Value of My Book of Business?

VALUATION:  How do I Value My Book of Business?

One of the most critical, if not THE most critical question both buyers and sellers face is how to value the agency (or book of business if buying only the book).

  • What are the basics of Agency/Book Valuation?
  • What should I look for to find the value of my book of business?
  • How can a Seller alleviate the concerns of a Buyer?
  • How can a Buyer alleviate the concerns of a Seller?

Methods To Value My Book of Business

There are typically two primary methods to deriving the value of an agency / book of business; (1) a multiplier of revenue, or (2) a multiplier of profits (a.k.a. “EBITDA”)[1].  Similar to composite rating of various insurance products, both multipliers of Revenue and Profits can be converted to a function of the other. 

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