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Our agency can serve up the strategies, tools and resources that will help you reduce the chance of having a loss in the first place. We then negotiate on your behalf with dozens of insurance companies to find the one that not only will save you money on your restaurant insurance, but also provide the proper insurance coverage for your restaurant. Manage your risks, control your costs,lower the cost of your restaurant insurance, using advance safety initiatives for restaurant owners will reduce the cost of your insurance. Just a few things GDI Insurance can help you cut the cost of your insurance by helping with:

Restaurant Operations preparing for a health inspection

Consenting to health inspections comes as part of owning and operating a restaurant. While it may seem like a stressful event, there are many things you can do before, during and after the inspection to make it go smoothly, and also to improve your establishment. The best strategy you can take is to prepare for an inspection ahead of time, as the inspector can arrive at your doorstep at any time. To do so, you and your management staff should conduct weekly inspections so that you know your premises in and out and have already identified violations before the inspector starts looking around. While doing the assessment, use a similar form to the one that the inspector would use to evaluate the same criteria.

Avoid Cutting Hazards in the Kitchen

Knife Safety Tips The food service industry can be a hazardous one. Among other things, workers are at risk for cuts while preparing food, clearing tables and washing dishes. However, there are many safety precautions that you can take to reduce your risk of getting cut at work.
  • Handle, use and store knives and other sharp utensils safely.
  • Cut in the direction away from your body.
  • Keep your fingers and thumbs out of the way of the cutting line.
  • Wear protective clothing, such as steel mesh gloves.
  • Use a knife only for its intended purpose and use the correct knife for each cutting or chopping job.
  • Never try to rush a cutting, slicing or chopping task – you may get careless and have an accident.
  • Keep knives sharpened and in good condition. Let your supervisor know if you have concerns about the condition of any knife in the kitchen.
  • Store knives and cleavers in a designated area when they are not in use, and never store them with the blades exposed.
  • Let a falling knife fall to the ground-never try and catch it.
  • Carry knives with the cutting edge angled slightly away from your body with tip pointed down to your side.
  • Place a knife down on a clean surface for a co-worker to use rather than handing it to the individual.
  • Avoid placing knives near the edge of a countertop.
  • Never place a dirty knife in the sink after usage. You or a co-worker may reach into the sink and get cut unknowingly. Instead, place them in the dishwasher or in a container labeled “knives only”.
  • Do not interrupt or talk with co-workers who are using knives or other sharp utensils. They may get distracted and hurt themselves accidentally.
Stay Sharp Your safety is our top priority at . It is your responsibility to follow all proper safety procedures when working with knives and other sharp objects, for your safety and the safety of others in the kitchen.  

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