Auto Shop Insurance

Auto Repair Shops Save Up To 37% on Your Auto Shop Insurance!

GDI Insurance Agency Has Developed An Exclusive Program To Help You!

Reduce The Cost Of Your Auto Garage, Auto Body Shop, Auto Specialty Shop Insurance Program!  GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Focuses On Risk Reduction Techniques That Will Get Your Insurance Company To Give You Premium Discounts As You Reduce Your Risk!

Don’t Open the Shop without Our Tools!

Has a customer’s vehicle ever been damaged while it was in your shop?

Have you considered how many ways a person can get injured in an auto shop?

With all of the mechanical parts, tools and chemicals involved in your business, it only takes a little imagination to see the wide variety of risks your business is exposed to.  You and your business can be held financially liable for many different kinds of damages and injuries.

At GDI Insurance Agency we not only make sure you have the right financial protection to cover these risks, we go above and beyond the call of duty to deliver the strategies, tools and resources that will help you manage your auto body risks, control workers’ compensation claim costs, advance safety and boost employee morale.

Our agency can help you build solid loss control and safety programs to help you stay on top of your biggest risk management and compliance challenges.  Here are a few of the additional benefits we provide, Free of Charge!

Workplace Safety Programs

Our employee safety manual and worker safety resources can provide your place of business with useful injury prevention information.

Compliance and Recordkeeping

Do not fall behind in your OSHA recordkeeping responsibilities. Let us assist you in fulfilling your federal and state requirements.

Managing Risks

We have the risk management expertise to help you plan and control resources and activities in order to cost-effectively fulfill your objectives.

Building a Safety Culture

Our employee safety materials help you promote a safety-minded workplace. We have flyers, posters, payroll stuffers on such topics as respiration cautions for painting vehicles, spray painting safety, mixing paint safety, and more!

Claims Cost Containment

We can help you to control workers’ compensation claims by establishing a safety policy, adopting a Return-to-Work Program, streamlining reporting procedures, identifying top loss sources and mitigating legal expenses, all with our tools.

Protect Against Liabilities

Storing other people’s vehicles at your place of business can present risks. We can protect against those risks with our auto shop insurance solutions.

When a car suffers body damage, the owners come to you because you are the expert at making their vehicles look beautiful again.

When you need to protect your Auto Body Shop, come to GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. because we are the experts at helping you to take care of your business!

Simply fill in the Protection Savings Form above or give us a call at 1-888-991-2929 and we will work hard to make sure your shop is well-protected from the inside-out.