Employee Handbook Template Download- Customizable

Employee Handbook Template Download- Customizable

Free Employee Handbook Template In Word With Linked Table Of Contents 

With today’s headlines having a well written and up to date Employee handbooks that explains the relationship and responsibilities of the employee and employer and provides clear communication on a variety of employment topics is just not optional if your business is to survive and if you really want to!


GDI Insurance Agency, Inc., provides a 180 page with a linked table of contents, employee handbook in Word so you can edit it as you see fit.  You can download it here!

A get way to start.  For our clients we also give them free access to attorneys to help establishes guides for the workplace and protects the employer from liability.  (Sorry the legal cost we pay for our client is too high to give you that part)  The good news is the manual has been updated for 2018 so you can’t go too wrong!

Why Do You Need An Employee Handbook?

An employee Handbooks specify expectations, rules and compensation. A comprehensive employee handbook will include information regarding:

  • Compensation
  • Benefits
  • Dress code
  • Human resources issues
  • Time off
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Performance reviews
  • Discipline and rewards
  • Drug and alcohol policies
  • Anti-discrimination policies
  • Social media usage
  • Safety guidelines
  • And various other behavioral and procedural expectations.

Legal Protection When Drafting Your Employee Handbook

It is essential to be aware of and adhere to all federal, state and local laws. The employee handbook should clearly define the legal obligations and rights of both the employer and employee. The employee handbook is vital from a legal standpoint—in many employment lawsuits, the handbook will be a key piece of evidence that can either protect your company or provide ammunition for an employee (or former employee) who is suing you.

Not only with GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. give you a free template just for the asking.  But we will set you up with access to free legal counsel to answer those small quick questions you may have while creating your employee handbook.  No one does more for their clients than GDI Insurance Agency.  This is our way of showing you what we have to offer.  And it is free!  ThinkHR is a paid service that GDI pays for and will give you access to just for asking.

The Value of Setting Employee Expectations

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You can drastically reduce your liability by clearly laying out all employee expectations and prohibited behavior. Plain English and Readily Available Thorough, up-to-date, legally compliant, understandable and readily available—these are the essential characteristics of an effective employee handbook. Aside from keeping a current copy easily accessible to employees, it is also wise to have employees sign a form stating that they received and reviewed the employee handbook. This signature will ensure that an employee cannot later claim that he or she was unaware of a particular policy.

Human Resources For Your Company

Time Crunch HR departments are often short on time and inundated with numerous important tasks. With increasing pressure and a time crunch for all the responsibilities in HR, finding time to write an employee handbook and keep it updated, can be difficult.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. can provide you with educational resources and dozens of sample handbook policies to assist you as you put together your employee handbook and work to keep it updated. You can reach GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. at 209-634-2929.

Extra bonus free offer as well, we will also send you an new employee on boarding kit.

Please note all this is copyrighted, but we give you permission to use it in your business and to modify it as needed.

Let me know if you would like to know about our full OSHA compliance programs as well.  Again free for the asking

Agency Culture Beats Strategy Every Time

Agency Culture Beats Strategy Every Time

Does Your Agency Culture SUPPORT or

UNDERMINE Your Strategy?

Company Culture concept on blackboard

I recently posted on Social Media one of the COOLEST and most AMAZING compliments our agency has had…

“Just had one of the greatest compliments to our staff and GDI as a whole!!!

A new client sincerely asked to meet with me to specifically discuss our hiring practices. Our team member was understandably nervous in relaying the message to me, especially since he was in the lobby waiting for me. He looked me in the eye and asked me how we go about hiring.

I asked him why (not knowing if was for a positive or negative reason for his request).

He said that he’s had nothing but great experience with everyone he’s met on our team and that he’d like to do some of what we’re doing as it pertains to hiring in his own business.”

 Pretty cool, right? You can Meet Our Team here!

 It Has NOT Always Been This Great

I returned to our family’s agency after a 4-year hiatus in May of 2010.  I remember vividly walking in about 2 months after my return with my head down and thinking that returning to the insurance industry (specifically the family agency) may well have been the worst career move I could have made.  The reason for this thinking was due to the agency’s culture.

To get an idea of the agency culture at the time we need to look at the prior few years that led to the mid-2010 agency I walked in to – in the years leading up to the financial meltdown of 2007/2008 our agency was heavily weighted toward clients in and around the residential construction market.  When I went down, so did our revenue and by mid-2010 the agency moral was tapped out and many of the team were on the verge of burnout.

The moral was so bad that I (the owner’s son at the time) didn’t even want to go to work – so how was I supposed to expect our team to be excited about it?


I’d love to say that it was by the stroke of intelligence, business savvy, or some other innate quality of mine that we turned our moral (and agency as a whole) around, but honestly it wasn’t my doing.

We started off by having a revolving door of employees for a period of time which luckily led to some really beneficial hires.  With these new hires putting their faith in our management we began the arduous task of identifying the “target” for our hiring.

We made the initial mistake of taking too much time filtering and not enough time meeting candidates, once we flipped that over and started meeting them we found the foundation for our winning process.


We then look for qualities and abilities that are aligned with the position we’re looking to fill.  And the most important two are ALWAYS: (1) Will they fit with our organization based on their attitude/personality, and (2) are the WILLING to learn?

The BEST Strategy will fall flat without supportive Agency Culture

Our staff now does more than they ever have and routinely surpass the plans we as ownership put forth and base our agency goals upon.

Now that our Agency Culture is aligned with our Strategy, we’re in a winning mode!

I am thankful for our stellar team and am excited to see where we can go from here.

Matthew Davis, MBA, CPCU, AAI