Product Recall Plan

Whether you’re a manufacturer, supplier or retailer, your customers expect you to have safe and reliable products. And while you may do everything in your power to ensure your goods are fit for sale, exposures such as design flaws, manufacturing defects, inadequate warnings and unclear instructions can all negatively affect product safety. In the event that one of your products harms a customer or other stakeholder, they can sue your business, leading to costly legal fees and settlements that can easily amount to six figures or more. What’s more, following a product issue, organizations must take corrective actions to curb losses and preserve their reputation. This can include carrying out a product recall plan, which is a complex and heavily regulated process.

Product Recall Plan

Product Recalls and the CPSC

In general, a product recall refers to the act of returning, exchanging or replacing a product in the marketplace after a defect is discovered. These defects can be anything that hinders a product’s performance, harms consumers or creates potential legal issues for producers. In the U.S., consumer product recalls are typically triggered when a manufacturer or other stakeholder reports an issue to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)—the governing body responsible for developing uniform standards and addressing safety issues with consumer products. The CPSC, which has jurisdiction over approximately 15,000 different types of consumer products, was established after the Consumer Product Safety Act (CPSA) was passed in 1972. The act gives the CPSC the authority to pursue recalls and ban products under certain circumstances.

If you are a manufacturer, importer, distributor or retailer of consumer products, you’re likely subject to CPSA requirements. As such, it’s important to be prepared with a plan—one that allows you to mobilize quickly following a product recall, avoid substantial civil penalties and ensure the longevity of your business.

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Product Recall Plan

Overview of the CPSC and the Importance of a Product Recall Plan

Above all, the CPSC is responsible for protecting the public against injuries and deaths associated with consumer products. The CPSC accomplishes this in a number of ways, including the following:

  • Developing voluntary standards to improve consumer product safety
  • Issuing and enforcing mandatory standards
  • Conducting research on potential product hazards  Informing and educating consumers

Mandating the recall of unsafe products, arranging for their repair or replacement Empowered by the CPSA, the CPSC has authority over virtually all consumer products made, sold or imported into the United States. Businesses that fail to follow CPSC and CPSA guidelines are subject to a number of risks—particularly if they don’t have a recall plan in place, including:

  1. Civil Penalties: The maximum penalty for individual violations of the CPSA can be as high as $100,000. Civil penalties for a related series of violations could reach $15 million in certain situations. That’s not even including the legal fees your business can accrue during litigation.
  2. Criminal Penalties: A business’s directors, officers and agents could face personal criminal prosecution in the event they knowingly violate the CPSA. These penalties can include felony charges or up to five years of imprisonment. Directors and Officers Insurance is available.
  3. Business Interruptions: In the event of CPSA noncompliance, the CPSC may halt the distribution of consumer products and under appropriate circumstances, order a business to perform a recall and refund customers. Not only can this lead to increased costs related to business disruptions and lost revenue, but can also permanently damage an organization’s reputation. Business Interruption Insurance is available.

It’s important to have a basic understanding of CPSC and CPSA compliance, and have a recall plan in place. Doing so will ensure you are properly prepared for a product recall and can respond quickly to contain potential losses.

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