GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has redefined employee benefits.  We include state of the art HR systems, wellness, traditional employee benefits, from health, dental, life, 401k etc, but has also added employee safety with its OSHA compliance programs. 

Additionally GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has teamed up with the leading provider of enterprise technology for the employee benefits industry, today announced that it will partner with an all-in-one software platform to manage HR and benefits.  Together they provide a seamless solution for HR managers and health insurance professionals, streamlining the HR and benefits decision making processes.  Combined with a GDI dedicated Health Insurance Broker for each client who knows you and your account makes GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. unbeatable in the Health and HR arena.

Using a cloud-based human resources management software tool, allowing employers to solve transactional HR and benefits challenges with software, and strategic healthcare benefits challenges with the expertise of a dedicated broker advisor just for their company.  GDI is featuring an automated paperless system, which simplifies employee onboarding, tracking time off, employee engagement, and off boarding.  GDI also included a benefits administration platform, which will run technology to provide live rate and benefit data, real-time modeling to find the right plan and defined contribution strategy, and a census upload feature to help generate quotes in seconds.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has also contracted with CA based HR attorneys their clients can call at no cost to discuss their benefits and HR needs to assure absolute compliance.

“Employers currently are challenged with the complexity of managing their HR and benefits administration, both strategically and tactically. GDI provides the all-in-one solution: A dedicated broker expert for your company, combined with innovative technology.”

Technology and Employee Benefits

 GDI is very excited to partner with leading industry solution experts to offer smart, dynamic and time-saving technology integrated with the Health platform, HR and payroll processing will be simpler and streamlined for small, midsize and the largest employers who currently struggle to manage these fragmented and manual processes, such as ACA compliance to name just one item that is just handled by GDI’s new program! 

GDI Insurance has created the perfect match of cutting edge technology so HR departments can have a single sign-on and seamless process for hiring, onboarding, enrolling in benefits and meeting the complex compliance demands of the Affordable Care Act, as well as added the benefit of having both access to attorneys and a dedicated GDI benefits broker to work with.  No call centers, no waiting for the next available rep.  You call your dedicated broker that knows you, knows your account and handles any issues you need help with.

No broker of new program can come close to GDI’s offer.  In addition GDI also offers a portal to help with all your OSHA Safety Compliance and even keep you OSHA 300 log online.  GDI offers 3 HR programs as HR isn’t one size fits all.  Here is a glimpse: 

Just call GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. today 888-991-2929 we will take it from there!