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Your Truck Safety Is Our Concern

We have built this page to share with you some of the ways I know keep you safe on the road!  Insurance companies give large premium discounts to safe drivers!

The two go hand in hand.

GDI Insurance Agency Inc’s model of helping their clients keep from having accidents and claims, then helping them buy insurance made sense.  Here are just a few facts.

  1. We can get you the best quotes, we work with the majority of insurance companies insuring truck drivers.
  2. Sometimes even get you better quotes with the same insurance company!  See our testimonial pages!
  3. Keeping you and your truck safe is our first order of business!  Saving you money is always second!
  4. Insurance companies give you premium credits, (charge you less for your insurance) if you have safety programs!

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance Details

Motor truck cargo insurance covers all of the liability for goods in transit if they’re lost or damaged due to events such as fires, crashes or collisions. These policies may also compensate you for charges such as removing debris from public roads, preventing further damage to cargo and legal defense costs.

Because the price for cargo can vary significantly, the premiums and coverage limits for cargo insurance is largely dependent on the cargo itself. When buying a policy, insurers usually determine the cost based on the specific trucking operation, the number of vehicles used and the type of cargo. However, it’s also possible to purchase blanket coverage that’s priced based on gross revenue. This can be especially helpful when carriers need to use large fleets to complete an order or if cargo needs to switch between different vehicles frequently.

Working with Clients

One of the most important topics when considering motor truck cargo insurance is the party that actually owns the goods you’ll be transporting. Your clients may require you to purchase this coverage as part of your contract to protect their own interests, and any unexpected losses can severely damage your business’s reputation and relationship.

Before you buy a motor truck cargo insurance policy, you should work with your clients to agree on a mutual value for the cargo. If any goods are damaged in transport and your policy doesn’t provide you with enough coverage, you could still be responsible for the remaining costs. You should also ensure that all of the client’s cargo declarations are accurate, since any significant errors could lead insurers to deny a claim.

Evaluating Your Insurance Needs

Cargo insurance can be invaluable for any motor carrier and driver, as can other forms of coverage. Contact us at 209-634-2929 to look into other policies that can protect your business or to get more information on our trucking-specific resources.

Our Transportation Insurance Tools Will Put You in the Driver’s Seat!

Our agency can help you build solid loss control and safety programs to help you stay on top of your biggest risk management and compliance challenges, such as:


Workplace Safety Programs

Our transportation industry safety manual and employee safety resources can provide your place of business with useful injury prevention information.


Compliance and Recordkeeping

You are responsible for complying with regulations from OSHA, DOT and more. Let us show you how to do so correctly.


Managing Risks

We have the risk management expertise to help you plan and control resources and activities in order to cost-effectively fulfill your objectives.


Building a Safety Culture

Our employee safety materials help you promote a safety-minded workplace. We have flyers, posters, payroll stuffers.


DOT/FMCSA Compliance

We have reference materials, forms and checklists that will help you remain in compliance with DOT/FMCSA regulations.

OSHA Compliance Program for Transportation

Does your broker provide you with timely updates on new and revised OSHA regulations?

OSHA constantly updates its standards and requirements, and even a single update can drastically impact the construction industry and your regular operations. We can provide you with attorney-reviewed documents that outline your obligations, making it easy for you to focus on your transportation business instead of complicated OSHA rules.


Does your Transportation business comply with OSHA’s hazard communication standards?

Drivers often have to work with or around hazardous substances, and even one incident can lead to serious injuries and costly fines. Our clients have access to transportation-specific toolbox talks and articles, as well as workplace posters and hazard communication programs that can ensure your business is compliant with OSHA standards.

Learn About the GDI Client Philosophy!

Safety and Compliance

  • Employee Manual
  • Base Safety Programs
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Training

Insurance & Risk Management

  • Basic Policies - Liability
  • Basic Policies - Employee Benefits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Contractual Transfers

Maximization of Efficiencies

  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Legal Guidance & Council
  • Safety & Training
  • Specialized EPA Inspections & Certifications
  • Inspection Assistance
  • Insurance Visit Support

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When everyone else said that was the best they could do, I called GDI, and they found me coverage for $140,000 less a year than anyone else offered.”

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