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Your Truck Safety Is Our Concern

We have built this page to share with you some of the ways I know keep you safe on the road!  Insurance companies give large premium discounts to safe drivers!

The two go hand in hand.

GDI Insurance Agency Inc’s model of helping their clients keep from having accidents and claims, then helping them buy insurance made sense.  Here are just a few facts.

  1. We can get you the best quotes, we work with the majority of insurance companies insuring truck drivers.
  2. Sometimes even get you better quotes with the same insurance company!  See our testimonial pages!
  3. Keeping you and your truck safe is our first order of business!  Saving you money is always second!
  4. Insurance companies give you premium credits, (charge you less for your insurance) if you have safety programs!

GDI Insurance Agency Helpful Trucking Information

Chocking and Blocking Safety

Concrete Truck Safety

Correctly Securing Cargo

Driver Fatigue

Dump Truck Drivers Safety

Hauling Animals

Mirrors A Crucial Driving Tool

Preventing Cargo Theft

Preventing Vehicle Fires

Securing Loads on Flatbed Trucks