Habitational Rental Property Insurance

Habitational Insurance for Rental Properties Apartment & Condominium Owners

California Habitational Insurance designed by GDI Insurance Agency to cut the cost for Rental Property Insurance for owners of rental units and apartments that have seven doors or more to insure, all in one building or not!

GDI Insurance Agency’s Exclusive California Rental Property Owners Insurance Savings Program

We have created a program that can be place on one apartment policy as long as you have at least seven doors to insure. They can be single family rentals, duplex, small or large apartments it doesn’t matter with our 7 door of more bundling we can save you money on all your rentals! We have worked with insurance companies to develop our exclusive risk management programs which are designed to help you make sure your apartment or rental units are safe, secure and your tenants and guest are safe and less likely to be injured, which reduces your California Habitational Insurance expense. By reducing the risk of loss to your apartment building and its occupants we have an exclusive group of Apartment Owners Insurance companies that will offer you premium discounts to help lower the cost of insuring your apartment buildings.

GDI Insurance Agency’s exclusive Commercial Building Insurance program.

GDI Insurance Agency saves our clients thousands of dollars a year on their Commercial Building Insurance premiums. Many times we increase critical coverages and even adding coverages other your policies have left off to keep the premium down. Why not have it all? GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has a program to give you all the right coverage, reduce the chances of having a loss to begin with and get you the lowest cost and premiums for your Commercial Building Insurance!

Why have we included Apartment Building Insurance on the same page as Commercial Building Insurance?

Because many times we can combine the two policies in to one less expensive policy to cut your insurance costs further, while broadening your coverage by using blanket limits of insurance coverage all your buildings. We also can add large commercial umbrella policies to make sure you have the right limits of liability to secure your families assets!

    Ask About our 10% Smoke-Free Credit

    GDI Insurance Agency has a new way to save you more on your Apartment Owners Policy premium. We are now offering a 10% Smoke-Free credit to Apartment Owners with rental property that includes a smoke-free policy.

    Why go Smoke-Free at Your Rental Property?

    Maintaining a smoke-free environment in your buildings can save you more by:
    • Reducing your policy premium with a 10% credit
    • Lessening the need for preparation and repainting
    • Lowering the cost of maintenance and rehab
    • Decreasing the turnover time for property rentals
    • Minimizing wear and tear on ventilation systems
    • Limiting the risk of fire exposure
    •  And more…
    We want to help you take control of your landlord insurance. Remember, our Smoke-Free credit is only one of the ways we’re helping you to save. Our exclusive risk management programs help you reduce the risk of loss to your apartment building and its occupants. Check out our seven doors or more bundling program that can be placed on single family rentals, duplexes. To make sure you have the best Rental Property Insurance program, or the best Commercial Building Insurance program call your broker at GDI Insurance Agency! 1-888-991-2929. Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say about saving money on Landlord Insurance, and saving money on Commercial Property Insurance. All while increasing coverage, and improving their Apartment Owners Insurance risk management programs.

      Some of the exposures Apartment Owners Insurance covers are:

      Property Exposures:
      Much like those of a private home but multiplied by the number of families. Most companies can insure your rental units as Apartment Building Insurance if you have 7 doors or more of rentals, even if they are not in a single building.
      Rental Property Insurance
      costs are based on the age of the building, information on any updates such as wiring, heating, air conditioning, plumbing and of course the age and type of roof. Also some Landlord Insurance cost savings items are: was the building originally built as an apartment or was it converted? How are the utilities controlled? Are there individual heating units or does a boiler supply heat to all? Who maintains these units wherever they are? Are all apartments in one fire division or are there separating firewalls separating units and floors? Are there smoke/fire alarms in all units and hallways? Are they checked regularly? Is there a laundry area for the complex or does each unit have its own hookups?
      Crime Exposure:
      Can be significant or minimal. Employee Dishonesty is important and must be controlled through the use of receipts and regular monitoring. Inventory must be controlled by limiting ordering and conducting physical inventories on a regular basis. Access to apartments must be controlled, as must the master keys. Money and securities can be a problem on rent collection day. Deposits should be made promptly and appropriate security should be provided.
      Inland Marine Exposure:
      Exposure varies based on how apartment maintenance is provided. In addition, there are accounts receivables, computer and valuable papers such as leases that can be covered.
      Apartment Owners Premise Liability Exposure:
      Apartment owners must comply with all governmental codes on smoke and fire detection, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors in their apartment units. Of equal concern and a great way to save on Apartment Owners Insurance is to make sure the condition of the parking lots, the adjoining sidewalks, and any parking structures or other common areas are well lite, and good repair. Keeping your apartment building in good repair, with snow and ice removed, and generally level and free of exposure to slip and fall will save you money on your Apartment Building Insurance.
      Security of tenants within the building and in parking areas is rapidly becoming the responsibility of the owner or operator of the premises.
      The same security measures taken to protect your tenants can also save you money on your Rental Property Insurance as all risk reduction measures lower your chance of having a claim, which will lower the cost of your Landlord Insurance. Even seemingly little things will reduce the cost of Apartment Owners Insurance such as Is there adequate interior and exterior lighting? What other security measures and controls are in place? What type of security does the operation commit to in advertising and rental agreements? Because landlords are now having discrimination suits lodged against them, a stated procedure should be in place to prevent discrimination. Clear guidelines for tenant acceptability are important. Are there other exposures such as community buildings, playgrounds or services such as bellhop and security systems?
      Automobile Exposure:
      Limited to Hired Non-ownership and the occasional use of service vehicles. Any driver should have a valid driver’s license. Personal use of company-owned vehicles must be controlled. Also keep in mind the types of vehicles used to maintain the premise. I have seen off road Quads used at some apartment buildings to get around. Anything that moves by motor power needs addressed. Specifically anything requiring any type of license must be covered properly.
      Workers compensation:
      Always needed for janitorial, or maintenance. Which requires apartment owners to provide full illness and injury prevention programs with OSHA qualified safety programs. GDI Insurance Agency provides these services free to all our apartment owners. Ask yourself, what kind of training do employees receive, and what type of material lifting or conveying devices are used? Keep in mind in CA if an employee is injured and you are not OSHA compliant you can face criminal charges.  Your broker at GDI Insurance Agency can put your apartment owners safety program together for you at no cost!
      Minimum Recommended Coverage For Apartment Owners:
      • Building
      • Business Personal Property
      • Business Income
      • Accounts Receivables
      • Computers
      • Contractors’ Equipment
      • Valuable Papers
      • Money and Securities
      • General Liability
      • Employee Benefits
      • Umbrella Insurance
      • Hired and Non owned Auto
      • Workers Compensation
      • Employee Dishonesty
      Other Coverages To Consider:
        • Employment Related Practices
        • Environmental Impairment
        • Automobile Liability
        • Physical Damage
      Keep in mind all of this is just the starting point on how to save money on Apartment Building Insurance. GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has a complete Rental Property Insurance savings program designed to keep your apartment building safe, and save you money on your Landlord Insurance.  

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      Cut Your Insurance Cost In Half!

      GDI Insurance Agency offers a special Califonia Rental Property Insurance Program. Within this program, we guarantee to:
      • Help you buy your insurance
      • Help you manage your risk
      • Make sure you get the best deal available every year

      Learn About the GDI Client Philosophy!

      Safety and Compliance

      • Employee Manual
      • Base Safety Programs
      • Human Resources
      • Employee Training

      Insurance & Risk Management

      • Basic Policies - Liability
      • Basic Policies - Employee Benefits
      • Employee Benefits
      • Contractual Transfers

      Maximization of Efficiencies

      • Accounting & Taxation
      • Legal Guidance & Council
      • Safety & Training
      • Specialized EPA Inspections & Certifications
      • Inspection Assistance
      • Insurance Visit Support

      If You Think This Sounds Too Good To Be True, Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say about their Insurance:

       “We saved 43% on our investment property insurance”  Northern CA Apartment and Investment property owner! -CA Home Builder
      In the end they increased our coverage nearly 48%, while cutting our costs by almost 39%. The attention to detail, coverage and their ability to cut our costs was impressive. Our family doesn’t recommend just anyone to our friends, But we would recommend GDI to anyone. Mathew Bruno TDR, Turlock CA

      GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Your Trusted Business Insurance Experts

      GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.
      At GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. we will do the work for you to ensure you have the best protection plan for your California business automobiles.  Not only that, but as you can see, we will go the extra mile to make sure your business is protected from the inside-out.  Located in Turlock, CA we have offices throughout California’s Central Valley, Northern California and beyond. To put the GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. experts to work for you, simply fill click our quote button above or call our office today at 1-888-991-2929 to learn more about GDI’s Habitational Rental Property Insurance Program!