California Food Truck Insurance

It seems that Food trucks have gained huge popularity in the last several years, in fact they are quite trendy, and that has certainly been true in California. One study found that there are more than 4,000 food trucks in cities with populations of 100,000 or more. The beauty of the food truck is the specialty food you can provide from a variety of locations. For the owners and entrepreneurs, making sure you have proper California Food Truck insurance is essential.

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How Much Auto Liability Insurance for Food Trucks Do I Really Need in California?

One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile food truck can also be the costliest. Most food trucks are extremely heavy and contain propane tanks, gasoline, oils and other flammables. The amount of damage an accident can cause can easily be over the standard commercial auto insurance policy. One bad accident could demolish your business. Contact GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. 209-634-2929 for your California Food Truck Insurance quote.

While you may be mobile, you can‘t park just anywhere. Most areas limit food trucks, trailers, buses and carts to specific locations. A list of where you can and can‘t park should be available from the county clerk. You may also have to adhere to two-hour parking restrictions and pay for parking meters—yes, even carts.

food truck insurance

Why Do You Need General Liability Insurance For Your Food Truck?

Millions of people get sick from food poisoning and thousands of people die every year. As a food truck owner you must adhere to local and state food safety rules and receive regular inspections, but sometimes mistakes happen. General Liability Insurance will cover bodily injury and property damage that are not auto related. Your biggest exposures would be food related claims such as food sickness or food poisoning, food allergies and injury related claims.

General liability insurance is usually required for venues. If you take your food truck to carnivals or events, most venues will require at least 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate.

Keeping Your Food Truck Equipment Protected

Problems with your food truck equipment can be risky, if you are not properly insured. A standard property insurance policy will not cover these types of losses.

To combat potential risks, equipment breakdown insurance will cover your Food Truck in the event of a breakdown or damage. You’ve invested thousands of dollars and significant time into your food truck, don’t skimp on your equipment insurance coverage.

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