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Our nation respects its first responders. From police officers to firefighters and EMTs, we know that those who lay their lives on the line to protect us are also in need of protecting. GDI is proud to have partnered with VFIS to provide superior insurance coverage to emergency service organizations in California, Texas, and Florida.

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VFIS pioneered specialty insurance coverage designed to meet the needs of America’s emergency service organizations. Since 1969, their innovative approach to insurance products and risk management services has provided more insurance, education, training and consultation to more first responder organization than any other provider in North America. We here at GDI look forward to passing along their expertise as we strive to protect the resources of your emergency service organization and promote the health and well-being of its members.

Available Coverage

Today’s first responders have unique needs. Our package policy seeks to address the issues most commonly confronted by emergency services teams.

First Responders Coverage Solutions

Recruiting the Best to Keep the Best

VFIS has extended their coverage to include all of your organization’s employees and volunteers. As the lifeblood of your operational team, we know how important it is to keep them safe so they may continue to keep us safe. Check out some of our highlights below.

Accident and Sickness

In 2010, NFPA reported that over 71,875 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty. Many of our emergency service members tend to disregard statistics however, thinking that they are either immune to injury, or that Workers Compensation will take care of them and their families. Such thinking is incorrect. Even in the most generous states, there are often gaps in coverage and shortfalls in payout.

The VFIS Accident and Sickness coverage was designed to supplement workers comp benefits and provide coverage to all your members as they engage in the daily their duties.


  • Loss of life
  • Weekly disability benefits
  • Lump sum permanent physical impairment
  • Lifetime weekly income for permanent physical impairments
  • Medical benefits
  • Occupational retraining benefit
  • Other optional coverages available
  • Covers all classes of membership equally
  • Covered for all normal duties including travel to and from those activities

Length of Service Awards Program

While safety, personal and financial, is imperative for retaining employees, we know that happiness is also key. The Long Term Service Awards Program is a cost effect way to retain, recruit, and reward volunteers.


  • Monthly income payable during retirement years – paid for lifetime, but no less than 10 years
  • Death benefit – 24-hour coverage, on- and off- duty
  • Disability benefit – paid in a lump sum

Concerned about accounting? We help with program management and work with your legal and financial services teams.

Education, Training and Consultation

VFIS provides their customers with quality programs to keep up with the ever advancing equipment and techniques used by our first responders. These are available at little or no cost. Their educational products include:

  •  21 training kits
  • 21 online training programs
  • 7 downloadable training booklets
  • 30 safety posters
  • 46 downloadable risk control communiqués
  • 21 downloadable safety forms
  • 4 self audit guides

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Learn About the GDI Client Philosophy!

Safety and Compliance

  • Employee Manual
  • Base Safety Programs
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Training

Insurance & Risk Management

  • Basic Policies - Liability
  • Basic Policies - Employee Benefits
  • Employee Benefits
  • Contractual Transfers

Maximization of Efficiencies

  • Accounting & Taxation
  • Legal Guidance & Council
  • Safety & Training
  • Specialized EPA Inspections & Certifications
  • Inspection Assistance
  • Insurance Visit Support

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