What Is Capital Asset Protection Services

If you take a look at our page for credit enhancement and bonding insurance. You will get an idea of the risk management work we do on some of the largest developments, power projects, recycling companies, energy companies and even gold mines to protect them and their investors. Read below for more information on our Capital Asset Protection Services program.

This is only part of the puzzle.

What do you do when you have accumulated real wealth and want to make sure nothing can happen to it? GDI Insurance Agency’s exclusive CAPS program is what you have been looking for.

Insurance is great for when something goes wrong. But can you really have enough insurance for the worst?

As you consider home builders of those wonderful gated communities by the beach in Southern CA, I think statistically every subdivision down there has 1-2 class action suits against the builders within the 10 year period to file for construction defects. Have you ever wondered how those builders can keep on going after such over the top losses?

In both Hulk Hogan’s case as well as these builders and for anyone of real wealth. Building your estate was the easy part. Hanging onto it in our “deep pocket” society is the hard part.

Using trusts, family limited partnerships, charitable foundations, your own captive insurance company, limited liability companies, proper contractual transfers, insurance and other tools organized with the worst in mind many times is all that is needed to help you keep what you have built.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has created and perfected the concept of Capital Asset Protection Services, also known as CAPS over the past 3 decades. We can use the same concepts we use to help with credit enhancement to protect your estate.

There is of course much more to all this than this brief overview can share.  So please give us a call at 209-634-2929 and ask about our CAPS program!