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Create a Return To Work Action Plan

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has interrupted many businesses across the country. While it’s unclear how long COVID-19 will continue to affect organizations, many employers are looking to the future of employees returning to work.

What is a Return to Work Action Plan?
Reopening decisions and risk assessments. We may be nearing a time when stay-at-home regulations are scaled back and all businesses are allowed to resume as normal. The question then is: How will business owners know it is acceptable to reopen? 
Reopening Decisions and Risk Assessment
Echoing the sentiments of public health officials, a return to normalcy won’t be like flipping a switch, but rather a gradual effort. In preparation for reopening your business and asking employees to come back to work, it’s imperative that your company thoughtfully constructs a return to work action plan for its employees to keep everyone healthy and safe following the COVID-19 pandemic.
Preparing for Reopening
Before you reopen your business, you’ll need to think about how you can do so safely. Most businesses will not be able to flip a switch and go from closed to open, but rather will need to reopen in phases.
Modifying the Workplace
Disinfecting the Workplace
Employee Screening Protocols
Exposure and Confirmed Illness Protocol
Return to Work Considerations
Creating Employee Safety Training Materials
The success of your return to work action plan, no matter how well-thought-out and comprehensive it may be, is largely contingent upon how well your employees follow your health and safety guidance.
Social Distancing Guidelines
Use of PPE

Personal Hygiene and Etiquette


Cleaning Responsibilities

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