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A Case Study:

Valuable Lessons Learned About Our 3rd Party Cyber Breach
Learn from our experience before it happens to your business.
An Examination of Our Cyber Breach
Our office suffered a 3rd party cyber breach on July 10, 2019.  We've put together a case study that explains what we experienced, the costs we incurred, what we learned, and what we would change .
The Event & The Extent
Our computers and systems were crashing and we soon found out our Remote IT Company had been hacked and the hacker deployed ransomware via Remote IT Company's system to all of their clients's systems - nearly 400 businesses in all were impacted.
The Lessons Learned
We learned a few big lessons through our trying Cyber Loss, the most obvious being that Cyber related losses are FAR MORE impactful to most businesses than anyone takes the time to appreciate.
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