Welcome to the GDI Insurance family.

I truly appreciate your business!  I know you have choices in the marketplace, and I’m thrilled you chose us.

As your agents my team and I fill several important roles for you … the most important being your Advisors.  We’re here to help YOU.

You’re not working with some faceless 800 # or trying to figure things out for yourself on the web.  Though TV commercials may try to convince you otherwise, insurance is complex.  And the wrong protection decisions could cost you dearly!

We’re here to help you make the right protection decisions for your loved ones, your property and your financial security … at the lowest possible cost.  So, take advantage of us!

We’re all about taking great care of our clients, and I’m looking forward to a long relationship with you.  I’m 100% confident your experience with us will be the best insurance experience you’ve ever had.

Here are several convenient ways to contact us:

  • Phone: 209-634-2929
  • Email: info@gdiinsurance.com

Congratulations on making an excellent decision.  And, again, thanks very much for your business.


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