“We would like to thank and recommend Matt Davis with GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. for his continued service on our workers’ compensation insurance.”

For the last two years before we appointed GDI to represent us for our workers compensation insurance, we received extremely high audits. After the first large audit the explanation our broker at the time gave us was, “the audit is what it is” and that we would have to pay it. The next year (2009-2010) the audit was even worse and we were billed for an additional $85,013.66 under the same prior broker’s watch.

Even though GDI was not our broker for the policy that the audit was from, they asked to take a look at the audit. Matt spent hours reviewing and correcting the incorrect assumptions, details, match and operations that made up this “rip-off” of an audit.

When it was all said and done we went from owing over $85,000 to actually receiving a refund of nearly $2.600 – a difference of about $88,000!

As Matt explained, there are many moving parts when it comes to workers compensation and audits – all of which are governed by strict rules and actual math. After fixing the incorrect audit, GDI then began supplying us with a complete HR system, OHSHA safety programming, and consultative assistance in managing workplace injuries to ensure that our modification factor is managed to as low as possible. In the last 3 years that Matt has worked with us on our account our Modification factor has dropped 26%.

It seems that when everything is going well, business owners tend to think that anyone can handle their account… But when things start going sideways they can become painfully aware that they need someone who understands how to navigate the systems with all its intricacies and nuances.

We recommend GDI

Mat Bruno