California Money saving workers’ compensation tips

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How to take control of your workers compensation premiums!

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. provides our client with the following key services to help reduce the cost of workers compensation premiums.

  1. 3 year look back.  We can have your current workers compensation policy reviewed for proper classifications and review your last 3 audits to assure you didn’t pay more than you should have.  The best part is getting a check back for any over payment you may have made!
  2. Modification Factor review.  I bet you didn’t know that many workers compensation modification factors are not correct and more errors are not in your favor!  As we have these corrected we also secure the refunds from any over payments you may have made.  We can go back a full 3 years!
  3. Illness and Injury Prevention Plan!
  4. OSHA compliant training.
  5. Return to work programs.
  6. First Aid program.
  7. Premium forecasting.
  8. Modification factor forecasting.  Know what next years modification factor will be now!  Know you trend and where you are heading and what can be done to reduce your modification factor!
  9. This year and every year we shop your workers compensation policy for the lowest rates available and report to you our findings.  Giving you the power to reduce the cost of your workman’s compensation policy!

Review the section in our research section on the 5 steps to reduce the cost of your workers compensation insurance!

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