Wine Insurance

Wine Insurance

A true wine enthusiast understands the rewards of owning an expansive collection. The pride that goes into nurturing a bottle, anticipating its peak age and then enjoying its flavor is quite heavenly.  But what would happen if your collection, or even just one of your most valuable bottles, were damaged or stolen? Having wine insurance to protect your collection is essential.

To protect your collection, you may consider purchasing Wine Insurance, especially if you store your collection in your own wine cellar. If you own a large, valuable array of wines, it is wise to insure your collection in a stand-alone valuable articles policy. You can either insure the collection under a blanket amount, or, if your collection contains bottles that are extremely valuable, you may wish to insure each bottle separately.

The most important thing is that you don’t leave your collection open to risk!  You put a lot of time and care into gathering the perfect assortment of fine wines.  So you want an insurance broker who will put as much time and care into protecting your collection as you put into building it.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Your Trusted Insurance Broker

Here at GDI Insurance Agency, we understand your passion for good taste and we have both the understanding and the expertise to make sure it is fully protected.

Fill out the simple Protection Savings Form above or call us today and one of the wine insurance experts at GDI will take the time to learn about your collection so that you can get the right insurance for you at the lowest possible price.

When it comes to your insurance needs, we’ve got you covered!
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