Introduction of Grant Davis and GDI Insurance

Not all insurance agencies are created equal. GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. provides many tools for your business. You can access our industry-related resources and download our free reports from our website. 

Our Specialties

With over 32 years in the insurance industry, we have gained extensive experience in the following: 

  • Contractual Transfers
  • Additional Insured
  • Defective Construction Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Specialty Risk Management
  • Insurance Cost Reduction


Get To Know Me

Grant Davis

Why Grant Davis

My extensive business insurance background is rooted in Workers Compensation insurance, Contractors Insurance, Specialty Risk Management and Financing Programs. I provide our clients the latest and greatest of what the insurance industry has to offer working in virtually every industry.

I’ve taken it upon myself to create and/or improve upon products/services in the marketplace to ensure our clients are provided with the best risk reduction programs to reduce the cost of their insurance by helping them achieve fewer and smaller claims using risk mitigation techniques. GDI also uses state of the art rating software to get the right coverage for the lowest rates for all lines of insurance from family auto policies to large fleets, workers comp and other lines of insurance!

More recently, I created Credit Enhancement Bonding and Insurance as a program to reduce the risks clients’ businesses/projects face in order to increase the likelihood of acquiring funding.

I have been featured and published numerous times in trade publications such as Rough Notes, Agent & Broker, Builder & Developer, Personal Real Estate Investor, and many others.

“…it’s is a wonderful blessing to be able to help others. Reducing risk, insuring businesses and families to assure their success. Results in Insurance Cost Reductions that are meaningful. In the end being able to be part of helping others is the most important and fulfilling thing I do!!” – Grant Davis

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. Your Trusted Business Insurance Experts

Human Resources

Web-Based HR Management Platform

Online Services: Document Management, Time Tracking, Benefit Elections, Etc.

Document Services:
Fully Customizable Document Templates (i.e. Employee
Manuals, Guidance & Counseling forms, Government Required Postings, etc.)

Employee Benefits

Employee Education: Educating employees on how to properly and efficiently utilize their health insurance and other related services ensures that when benefits are provided, they are provided at an appropriate amount in order to keep Health Insurance and other Employee Benefits costs down.


Safety Programs

Government Required Programming: OSHA, EPA, and various other governmental entities require varying amounts of programming, documentation, and training to be both implemented and records maintained by the employer. 



Compliance Programs

Routine Safety Training(s): Beyond minimum safety training requirements, GDI clients also have access to an electronic library fully equipped with training materials for virtually any and every safety topic.

Risk Transfers

Contractual Risk Transfers: Fair and Enforceable Contractual Risk Transfers allow for liability to flow through to the responsible party at the onset of an issue.

Adequate Liability Protection(s):
Regardless the efficacy of a Contract Risk Transfer program, it seldom removes the need to for a client to ascertain its own primary insurance coverage.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc.

At GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. we will do the work for you to ensure you have the best protection plan for your California business.  Not only that, but as you can see, we will go the extra mile to make sure your business is protected from the inside-out. 

Located in Turlock, CA we have offices throughout California’s Central Valley, Northern California and beyond.

To put the GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. experts to work for you, call our office today at 1-888-991-2929 to learn more about GDI’s Exclusive California Commercial Insurance Programs!

Here Is What Just A Few Of Our Clients Have To Say about their Contractors Insurance:

I really appreciate your insight.  You are definitely my Shaman of Insurance.

Whatever thoughts or insight you have will be used and applied immediately.

Adam Ambruso


Grant provided us with excellent and highly creative counsel on “insurance wrapping” to support our project financing. He was readily available to present to banking and investment sources and participate in discussions with our project partners.

Robert Meyer, CEO

White Rock Pigments

In all my years I have never met anyone that has a better grasp of contractual transfers, risk mitigations, OSHA compliance, finance and just plain determination to do it right.  Adding protection for everyone involved, while at the same time saving the developments 10’s of millions of dollars.

Derek Coss, Sr. Director

Clark Construction

When it was all said and done we went from owing over $85,000 to actually receiving a refund of nearly $2,600 – a difference of about $88,000.

Mat Bruno, CFO

TDR Construction, Inc.

Get To Know Grant

Relationships are important to me.  I want to share a few personal images, so you can get to know me better.

Just click on the picture below to get to know me a little better!

Being involved with the Turlock community is one of my passions. This Community involvement allows me to bring positive, measurable change to both the Turlock community and to our business.  My wife, Minnette, and I love to help in our community. We spend time volunteering at homeless shelters providing food and clothing.