Workplace Wellness

Studies show that every dollar spent on a workplace wellness program generates three dollars in savings.

An effective workplace wellness program can reduce overall health care costs and improve productivity and morale.

Take advantage of GDI’s Exclusive Wellness Lunch Program. GDI will at their cost bring in a personal trainer and wellness coach. While your employees enjoy their healthy lunch, our trainer will discuss diet and exercise. We will also have our trainer assist with ergonomic issues to help keep the cost of your workers compensation insurance as low as possible.

Group Health Insurance rates can be credited or debited depending on the wellness of your group. Groups under 50 can have risk adjustment factors saving you and your employees thousands of dollars each year. Understanding how and when to use your benefits, as well as planning to have fewer and smaller claims, will drive your costs down! Even with the new “health care reform.” Here is one way your GDI Insurance Agency Broker can help you!

There is no better way to get and stay healthy than to understand a few simple things you can do each day. Healthy and happy employees result in greater profits for your business. The first step to improving health is a proactive approach.

GDI Insurance Agency, Inc. has contracted with Lisa Short to share GDI’s wellness program through her outstanding mind, body, and work program. Lisa created this program exclusively for GDI and its clients! Let our team help yours by placing value in preventative health.

Yours free: Just ask one of our benefits brokers to set up your company’s lunch date!

Meet Lisa Short: GDI’s Exclusive Workplace Wellness Coach!

Work Place WellnessGDI chose to work with Lisa because she has a clear and simple philosophy: When you maintain a healthy body, you are supporting a healthy mind, which leads to increased confidence at work and a happier personal lifestyle.

A genuinely supportive nature, attention to detail, and a sincere passion to help others succeed are the qualities that make Lisa an outstanding personal wellness coach. Her goal is to empower clients to take control of their daily health practices, manage their stress and find a balance in overall well being. Her role is to educate, support and supply the safe and proper structure that enables her clients to reach their personal goals.

Lisa earned her Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education with a concentration in Health and Wellness from CSU Stanislaus. She holds multiple certifications, including Pilates and Kettle Bell training, and continues to further her education in health, nutrition and exercise. Lisa has worked in the fitness industry since 2007 and opened her business, Body Potential Fitness, in 2012. She has built a solid reputation for quality, safety and genuine one-on-one care by focusing on individualized attention in personal training. Her services include personal training, group training, senior programs, movement rehab programs, nutrition education, behavior change programs, and online health and lifestyle coaching.

Wellness coaching begins with an individual assessment. Next, a customized exercise and nutrition program targets the client’s identified goals such as increasing self-esteem; improving overall health and body movement; increasing physical and mental strength; and the prevention of injury or disease. Lisa uses corrective exercise and movement patterns that strengthen, balance, stabilize and mobilize the entire body as a whole. If fat loss is the goal, consistent exercise will be coupled with nutrition awareness and positive lifestyle changes.

Lisa is particularly skilled at providing personal training programs to individuals with limitations in their mobility. She is committed to helping all clients improve their mobility to better perform daily tasks, prevent injury, reduce pain, increase endurance, increase overall energy, and promote longevity. Regardless of the physical fitness level of each client, Lisa maintains high standards of safety while keeping exercise fun and exciting.

Lisa’s focus on nutrition and fat loss counseling provides education and support to individuals while working with their lifestyle and goals. Emphasis is placed on real food and creating healthier eating habits one step at a time. By creating a foundation of accountability, personalized strategy, and attainable timelines, Lisa teaches that to create lasting results one must practice aligning their behavior toward achieving their personal goals.

All Body Potential Fitness services include:

  • Exercise and nutrition assessment and/or coaching that is solution and result based
  • Wellness concept courses
  • Healthy back exercise programs
  • Weight control and management
  • Monthly membership to increase aerobic endurance in exercise classes or personal training at the Body Potential Fitness studio in Turlock or on-location exercise classes or personal training
  • Education regarding how to read food labels and tips for how to grocery shop
  • Learning proper portion sizes
  • Setting up a health influenced lunch room/cafeteria,
  • Deliver motivational content
  • Team building for social support
  • Behavior change programs