With the internet being so vast and anonymous, it’s not uncommon to see anyone try and use your words or your trademarked logos for themselves online.

This could be anything from your corporate website, your blog, or even your trademarked logo.

You may find one day that your own company has had any of these used to promote another company or to try and defame your company in the eyes of potential clients in the digital realm. 

We know what you’re thinking. “I have coverage that protects my material from this kind of theft. I don’t need anything more.” In truth, the policies you have probably don’t cover intellectual property theft online unless that policy specifically deals in cyber liability.

This is why GDI provides a vast amount of cyber liability coverage. Many companies don’t provide coverage for what happens to your company in the cyber realm, but as companies deal more of their business online, you’ll wish you had policies in place that kept your company safe in the face of online danger.

It’s important to protect the reputation of your business, even when it comes to your online presence. Don’t let your company become another victim of online intellectual property theft. The time to defend is always now.

How often have you found your intellectual property being used without authorization?

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